Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Friends = Best Christmas

My Dearest Friend,

This Christmas, I had a heart felt prayer.  I asked for help in finding Joy in Christmas.  You know where it says in the scriptures that Heavenly Father will bless you so much that you will not have room to receive it?  Well, He wasn't kidding.  This month has been one joyful moment after another.  Some of the sweetest moments for me, I choke up a bit.  One that will be forever in my heart is the sweet joy of best friends during this Christmas season.

For myself, I was invited to go with my 2 best friends in the whole wide world to have dinner and see David Archuletta and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing.  AMAZING!!  Honestly, I am not a big Archuletta fan, but the boy did a fabulous job.  I have to admit, he wasn't the highlight.  Being able to spend an evening with Christy and Kristen, that was heaven on earth for me.  I thank you ladies for a beautiful evening of great conversation, uplifting emotions and the honor of spending time with 2 of the best ladies I know.
Temple Square is always gorgeous when it is lit up like this!
Shaeler made sure that she got her best friend Bayli a Christmas present this year.   The 2 could not wait for Wednesday afternoon to exchange presents and build a Gingerbread house together.   Here they are after opening their presents:
Now the Gingerbread house is a whole other story.  I let Shaeler pick it out at the grocery store.  The icing was basically crap.   It started out pretty, but within 5 minutes, the sucker fell down.  Let me illustrate:
Minute 1
Minute 2
Minute 3
Minute 4 we were trying to save what we could.

Minute 5, it was a goner!

Shaeler and Bailee didn't care a bit.  They each grabbed a piece and began gnawing away.

How lucky we are to be blessed with such beautiful angels in our lives.  Friends make life sweet and blissful.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Always loyal and true,



Mom of twins ♥ said...

We had the same problem with the Gingerbread houses we did this year as well, they just did not want to stay together! Glad you had a great Christmas!
Miss you girl!

Cherie said...

The Gingerbread house pictures crack me up...minute one, minute two -ha ha ha!!
That is so neat that you got to spend some quality time with your besties - always a good thing!!

comedyrocks.com said...

Since clicking on your blog by accident I find myself returning often. Thank you for the frequent updates!
Best of Heath and Happiness in 2011!

Miss Megan said...

I was wishing for the same thing this year...And normally I feel it when I go to the Mo-Tab Christmas concert. I have been every year for like the past 10 years and this was the first year we decided NOT to go. We did get tickets, but I gave them to my nieces who were THRILLED to be there.

Two things from the season that really stood out to me. 1. Seeing "A Christmas Carol" at the Hale. It's been a while since I have seen it done live and it was great. Totally laughed and cried.
2. Elder Uchtdorf's talk during the Christmas devotional. His soul SPEAKS to my soul. Love that man - it was just what I needed to hear.

Anyways...that's just my two cents. Hope you are doing well! xoxo


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