Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Heart the Accordion

There is a song on the radio I would hear and love it merely for the accordion sound.  I had no clue what the song's name was and would ask friends if they did.  As I would describe the song with an accordion, I would get a little smirk from their faces.  Then they would ask me to sing it and when I would sing the accordion part, because that is my favorite part, the chuckles would begin.

Well my friends, I found the song.  It's called Stereo Love and it one of my favorite songs to run to.  From here on out, I am not singing the song to be mocked anymore!  You can hear it here!



Anonymous said...

It has a nice beat and is easy to dance to. I give it an eight.

Ann Marie said...

haha.. I want to hear you sing it!
I think it's a good idea for Saturday! Let the fun begin!!

The Dorsey's said...

Techno with and accordion! Now that is AWESOME!!!


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