Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Annual Cookie Hall of Fame Nominations!!!

I have decided to do a Dessert Hall of Fame for my blog.
Those of you that know me well, know that I am a sugar-aholic.  My specialties are baked goods and ice cream.
Especially ice cream.

Rest be assured, that if I give a recommendation on the following items above, I get a 98% approval rate from others that agree with my opinion.  It's a gift, I know, and I feel that I need to share my gift.

Each month, I am going to pick a specific item from the sweet-aholics likes and nominate my favorites for your enjoyment.  I am completely open to any recommendations that you may give, in fact I welcome the challenge to see if you can beat my suggestions.  I will happily go out and sample or freely accept any donations for consideration! :)

Sample dates are strictly to Friday and Saturdays, and I welcome any who would like to join me in the testing and judging of such sorts.  These lists will be on going and if they are recipes from you, I will share those recipes once the sampling and approval process has been completed.  I have a reputation to protect!

 One thing I need to make clear before I begin is that the nominations are required to be gourmet.  If an elf, a girl scout, a french aunt from the Nestle family or any mass production item is brought to my attention, it will be immediately discarded.  If I refer to the grocery store, I mean the bakery at the grocery store.  

So this month, I focus on the cookies.

There are 3 types of cookies that I prefer:  1. Sugar Cookie 2. Snickerdoodle and 3. Sugar Cookie with frosting.

I have yet to find a restaurant that meets my preferred needs of these cookies, however there are a few grocery stores and my own baking that I like.  Have not found the king of the sugar cookie yet. 

For other flavors, I do have some highly favorable recommendations:

Here are the nominee's:

The S'more Cooke from Over the Top

If you like chocolate and marshmallows, this cookie is a dream.  A chocolate cookie with chocolate chips, then marshmallows and graham crackers layered on top, baked so the marshmallows are crispy, and then drizzled with a light chocolate fudge.  Mmmmm!  So good!  I'd take a dozen of these any day over the campfire roasting of a marshmallow.

Over the Top's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cookie

My husband loses all control when I bring him one of these cookies.  If you like peanut butter, especially a Reese's candy bar, this cookie will assist you in losing all self constraint.  This is Over the Top's signature Chocolate Chip Cookie with Reese's Peanut Butter Cup layered thick on top.  It is not a one bite cookie!  It is hands down my husbands and mine favorite cookie from Over the Top.
Now, I have just picked my two favorites, but Over the Top's menu also includes cookies that have:
Baby Ruth
Almond Joy
M&M's (Shae's pick)
Milky Way

My mouth is drooling just thinking about it.  Must move on very quickly, my thighs are quivering.

My next nominations comes from a quaint little cookie shop called RubySnap!

My dear friend Christy, emailed and called me that these cookies were to DIE FOR, and that I must try one.  It was of such high importance, that she went to the store that afternoon and bought me some cookies.  Truly she was inspired to share her new found piece of heaven, as I will forever be in her debt for giving me cookies that changed my life!!

This little shop is a cookie store that loves to reference the good ol' days.  See that polka dot box in the left hand corner.  That is what they pack their cookies in.  If you see one of those boxes, grab it and run.  It may be theft, but it will be so worth it for when you open it!  (just kidding, I would never recommend robbery, unless it is a dear friend who owes you something....just kidding again, maybe.)  Each cookie is given an old fashioned name and each cookie is UNBELIEVABLE!

My third nomination is the Penelope.  

This is a peanut butter cookie that is dipped half way into milk chocolate.  I literally had to rip this cookie out of my husbands hand to get a taste.  Once I partook, I could see the evil glare in his eye that if I came near him again to get more of the Penelope, I would lose an eye or something.   

Which leads me to the cookie that was hands down the best cookie of the bunch.  

The fourth nomination goes to the Scarlett: A red velvet cookie with cream cheese frosting.

Now, I love the Cheesecake Factory Red Velvet cheesecake and I also love the Nothing Bundt Cake Red Velvet Cake.  However, this cookie left them all behind in the dust as the Red Velvet Queeness.  It was so good, I inhaled it.  NO ONE but me got to taste and eat it.  It was moist and the right sweetness with the creamy frosting on top.  For a small blissful moment, I was whisked away to the clouds above Europe.  I can still smell it and taste it in my mouth.  

Sadly, the Scarlett is a seasonal cookie, and will only last until the end of the month. I may drive down town every day just to enjoy it while it lasts.  

So there you have it!  My nominations so far.  I highly recommend trying these cookies yourselves and have posted the stores links below. 

Ladies, enjoy! 


You're Welcome!


You got something better?



Carrie said...

I love over the top cookies. I had them at a shower so I have never been there. I just might now. The other ones looked absolutely de-vine as well. You are going to make me have to do more than one set of p90x, you know that?

Cherie said...

Suzanne you're killing me!!!


Ann Marie said...

You are right.. you deserve this title of expertise!!

I want that Red Velvet... Please tell me where I can drive to get it and put it in my belly. :)

{Mo} said...

Really... I'm gonna have to say I H.A.T.E this post, so sorry! It's mean and evil and just plain not fair. Do you realize how far my little village is from all this scrumtious yumminess and now I'm hungry darn you :(

That being said, I still ♥ you!


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