Monday, February 21, 2011

Puzzled, Dazed and Amused!

I am super excited to confirm the rumors that I finished my first 1000 piece puzzle that I have EVER owned.  I love puzzles and we have small ones that we help Shaeler with, but I have never bought one of my own to put together.

There is such a calming feeling as sitting down and figuring out what piece could go where, next?  Part of me loved to sit down for a little while and work on the puzzle and then another part of me had to hold back the inner cleaner that wanted the puzzle done so I could clean up the mess.

This puzzle was a piece of cake until we got to the tree.  That took us hours of work because every piece look exactly identical.  Grr!  There were several pieces that Brian and I could not find so we would go through piece by piece until we found the one that fit.  Many hours passed by working on that tree.

As I worked on the puzzle, I couldn't help but have the thoughts that working on a puzzle is a lot like life.

  • In the beginning, we only get small pieces of where we need to go and what to do.
  • There is great support in finding those who we have similarities.
  • You cannot force things that are not meant to go together.
  • When frustrated, step back and let things clear up in your mind.   Sometimes frustration makes things even harder.
  • You cannot quit.  This is a process that is step by step, piece by piece.  Endure to the end!
  • Those who are smart, reference the creators instructions or pictures for guidance.
  • Every piece is important.  Even the lost pieces are needed and must be found.
  • Remember that the creator knows the big picture.  He knows how things will turn out.  Yes, there is great reward at the end of our hard work.
Putting a puzzle together was a great experience.  It brought our family together and we all helped.  With all the hard work, I am the hardest time putting it away.  I guess one more day of display will suffice............well until the cleaning personality can't handle it anymore.


Kristen said...

Oooh, nice! Just Mod Podge it, frame it and hang it on the wall. It's pretty easy and it looks awesome.

Ann Marie said...

I love the reference of the puzzle to life! Very true indeed!


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