Monday, June 20, 2011

Post a Picture of Somewhere You Have Been.....Santorini, Greece

Right after I graduated from the University of Utah, my mom called and said that she was going on a trip to Greece with her sister Claudia and her husband Ralph, my Aunt Lora Lei and her sister Gaylene.  For some reason my dad was not able to go, so she asked if I wanted to come with her.  Of course!!

Through this trip, I was able to visit Athens and a few smaller cities, but I will never forget our stop on the island of Santorini. 

It is a large volcanic island in the Mediterranean that part of the island collapsed into the sea.  Hence the gorgeous cliffs on one side of the island and the black sandy beaches on the other side of the island.

I remember eating at a restaurant that was located right on the edge of the cliffs and adoring the view of the Mediterranean sea.  It was such a happy moment in my life. 

One day I would love to go back to Europe and visit Santorini again.   One day!


Joy For Your Journey said...

I have been there!! We rented a car and drove all around the island--feeling a bit lost since all the street signs were in Greek. How fun you were able to go with your mom. I hope you are able to go back again someday.

Jenice said...

I was going through our dive videos with Morgan and Robert. I I have the one where you, Janet, Bob and I did the dolphin dive. We discovered that they copied the wrong group for the shark dive. And there wasn't anything of the night dive. Then I found a video of the Living Seas at Epcot. As we watched, we realized that it was just Bob and me. Did we buy a video of the time that you and Brian went diving there too? Do you have a "VHS" tape? If not, I will keep looking. I am pretty sure that we bought the video. Do you remember?

P.S. Santorini is my happy place in my mind.


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