Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Heart of a Lion

One of Shae's greatest strengths is that she is a very strong little girl.  When she was a baby, she would fall down and then get right back up without crying.  She only cries when she really gets hurt.

A few years ago, Shae fell down and cut her chin open.  We had a late night visit to the ER and as they stitched her up, the doctors were amazed at how calm she was during the entire process.

When Shae had to have sealants put on her teeth, the dentist wanted to give her laughing gas so she would hold still while he did his thing.  I assured him that she is really great in these kind of situations and said no to the gas.  Again, he was amazed at how still and patient she was the time he worked on her teeth.

Yesterday, Shae had to have  20 something some warts froze off and her doctor was concerned for how painful the process would be for her.  I assured the doctor that she is one tough cookie in which we proceeded with the freezing.  When we were done, the doctor said that she had never seen a child so calm.  My reply was "I know!  She is just super great!"

What a wonderful gift she has been blessed with to be able to stay calm and peaceful during times of pain and suffering.  She really has the heart  of a lion!

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Jenice said...

Ouch, what a brave girl she is. We can't wait to see her.


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