Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Love that Man!

Well, I did it!   I survived High home!

Brian left Wednesday afternoon to go to High Adventure with the Stake.  Shae and I were left to make it on our own while he was gone.  I had no fears of the house falling apart or anything like that, it's just not seeing Brian for a time is hard on me. 

I love that man!  He is my other half and we are in constant communication everyday.  I miss him terribly when he is away. 

We entertained ourselves at night with nightly walks to the playground.  That's the hardest time becuase that is usually when Brian is home.

We are so lucky to have many playgrounds around our neighborhood.  I cannot express enough the peaceful and calm feeling of sitting at a park bench, talking with friends, enjoying the cool summer evening.  Such a wonderful feeling!

We wanted dad to know how much we missed him that we spent a night writing him a little love note to give him when he got home!

"Little" may be an understatement.

Who knew sidewalk chalk can be so much fun?

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