Thursday, August 25, 2011

There is Beauty All Around

One of the things I love about Utah is our beautiful mountains.  The green trees and bushes that cascade down the rugged and jagged cliffs of the mountains are unbelievable. 

I also love the mountains because they remind me of how small I am and I am in awe of all of the creations that have been given to me for my enjoyment.  There is a spiritual feel in the mountains and I really enjoy the time that I can get up there.  Well, mainly in the Summer time because I made a deal with the mountains to  not come up in the winter time.  Remember the ski adventure?  We made a deal and I keep my promises. 

This last weekend, Brian had to do some work up at a cabin and invited Shae and I to tag along.  We packed up our bags and decided we would go for a little hike while we were up there.  I am so glad we did.

Scenery around dog lake

Shae is such a good little hiker.  I thought this little adventure would be a great preparation for the big hike this Labor day weekend.  She did a great job, plus no dad around to carry her if she got tired.  She had to do it all on her own.  Great job Shae!

Shae has this thing when we are out in the wild that she likes to collect "nature".  She forgot her "nature" zip lock bag and asked me to take pictures of her "nature." The following pictures are what a 7 year old sees as collectible "nature" items in the wild.

A Feather

Wild Flowers

Not sure what she saw here, but I had to take a picture of it.

Wild Dandelion to make a wish on.  I kept telling her to wish for an ice cream parlor at the top of the mountain.   She eyed me kind of funny and then closed her eyes and made a wish.

Funny thing is that when we made it back to the cabin after our hike, she ran to the freezer and shouted "My wish came true!! There are otter pops!"  Unfortunately, we could not partake, they were not ours.  For those of you who are feeling bad for her right now, don't.  She had cheesecake and cobbler later that night at the Cheesecake Factory.  Now we really know that wishes come true because Mommy is always wishing for Red Velvet Cheesecake!  Woohoo!

A butterfly

Shae on a rock!

More Wildflowers

We had so much fun on our little adventure.  She kept asking me what things were called and I had very little knowledge.  We set a goal to be like Shae's best friend Baylie and bring a nature book next time with us to identify things. 

Truly our mountains are so beautiful!  I am so grateful that they are all around me!

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