Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's just an amazing feeling!

Words cannot describe the utter blissful joy I feel this time of year.  April is the most incredible time for me as the spiritual enlightenment is undeniable.  I love that April always starts with General Conference which I could not describe a more perfect way to jump start anything.

General Conference was AWESOME!

Every single talk struck a different chord with my heart.  The whole weekend was everything I needed to hear.  I always begin Conference with writing down personal questions that I am seeking answers for.  The songs, the talks, the pictures, everything had a quiet answer for my heart's desire for answers.  I cannot say that one talk stood out the most for me.  The entire Conference was what stood out the most to me. 

What I love most about Conference Weekend is that it is like a small sampling of a spiritual buffet.  I am so absorbed by the spiritual wowness in every talk, that it feels like sampling different tastes of a large feast.  Now, I get to go back and listen to each talk multiple times.  Fully listen and dissect the things that are being said and devour the counsel and lessons that have been taught.  It's the month after General Conference that I truly get to feast upon the word's of our prophet's and I love every single minute of it.

I wanted to take just a moment to recognize my love and appreciation to Julie Beck, Sylvia Allred and Barbara Thompson.  I appreciate all that they did to teach and lead by example.

I will miss the energy and accent of Sister Allred.  I will miss her perspective of the church being International and the different aspects she would talk about the Relief Society in action in the Latin Culture.

I will miss giggling when Sister Thompson spoke because I swear she has a second job as being the voice of Mrs. Puff from Spongebob Squarepants.   I truly enjoyed the simplicity of her talks and I have heard that she sacrificed a lot to be able to serve in this capacity.  Thank you for your sacrifice!

I will truly miss Julie Beck. 

Sister Beck gave 2 talks that have literally changed my life as a mother and wife.  She was direct, she was sincere and she was a spiritual strength that made me proud to be part of the Relief Society.  I love you, Sister Beck! 

Of course, I am truly excited for the new Sisters that will serve as the General Relief Society Presidency.  I welcome them with open arms and offer all the love that I can.

One other sad releasement was of H. David Burton of the Presiding Bishopric.  I always loved his talks at General Conference and BYU Speeches.  He was such a great man and I will miss him too!

The Second Great event of April is Easter!  The Greatest Holiday in the Rentmeister Family!

There is so much I could tell you about my trip, but I will just give you highlights.

Mexican restaurant in Salina = Best Mexican EVER!

7 Days of Christ Centered Easter included picture drawing and lamp making this year.  Focused quite a bit on the parables this year.

On the Stake YW level, my presidency has made a lot of changes concerning Camp Certification.  I am one to never ask someone to do something that I am not willing to do.  So, at our Easter Cabin getaway, I began my Girls Camp Certification and have loved every moment of each requirement. I did 2 years over this trip, which meant a total of 8 miles to hike.  It was fantastic!  I learned so much about nature and first aide and my spirituality that I cannot wait for another nature getaway to continue on my certification.  Here are a few pics from our hike.

We had a couple of days to ourselves and then it got crazy crowded at the cabin with all of the family members who joined us.  It was wall to wall beds up on the loft, with 11 people sleeping upstairs.  I love to treat my family to a little mini-Youth Conference for my nieces and nephews.  They get spiritual activities, lessons, treats and lots of play time.

This is my niece Claire!  She is so dang funny!  She kept singing and dancing the entire time and she would say the funniest things.

This year, I did a special treat.  I made a Chocolate Caramel Brownie Heath Trifle.  I made the whipping cream from scratch.


2nds the day later were even better!  That's a repeat dessert, for sure!

Saturday is the day that we do all things fun Easter.

A couple of shots of Easter Eggs.

Our family hides lots of eggs with favorite candies and treats. 

This year, Brian and I not only had the money egg which was up to $20, but we also did a prize egg of a treat with a $15 Itunes card. 

Who's the cool Aunt and mom?

That would be me!


Just Kidding!

Other weekend highlights were:

Video taping skits of my nieces, myself, Shae and Brian acting out parables.  That was my favorite part of the trip!

Finding Maddie after she got lost (kind of).  Long story!

Blindfold activity to teach about the Holy Ghost!

Passover Dinner on the floor with pillows.

Laughing and quoting Nacho Libre with my nieces.

Endless and long talks with Brian that make me love and fall in love with him more!

Snuggling with Shaeler!

The swing!

Watching church videos about Easter and the Savior

Going to church in the small town and seeing the same organist lady who likes to play the hymns "her own way" and listening to the congregation trying to keep up with her.

Bearing testimony of the Savior, his life, his mission, his purpose and giving my gratitude in return.

Many, many more great things in store for the month of April! 

I love it and I am on cloud nine over here!

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Ann Marie said...

I talked out loud to the TV When they released the RS presidency.

I was sooo sad.

I so agree with Sister Beck's talks. Love them still.

Grateful the Cabin trip was awesome. Way to go certifying!!!!


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