Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh, the Joy of It All!

The past couple of weeks have brought me a lot of joy.  Some of those things include:

Watching my home ward YW winning the Region Championships in basketball!!
Going out to dinner with Kristen aka "Coach" and celebrating and laughing that she needs to put her "pep talk when they lose" away.  Seeing the miracles of a non-mmeber YW get baptized through the whole experience.

Self Explanatory

The General YW Broadcast and being fed by Sister Dibb, Sister Cook, Sister Dalton and President Monson.  Listening to words that ring true and bring peace and joy to my heart.   Gathering together as a Stake and gettting to hug and love all the leaders and YW that I adore!  My cup runneth over!

 LOVED this book!  Made me take a hard look at myself and especially about my progression and judging others progression.  There were so many parts of the book that I would turn to Brian and say "You have got to hear this one" and then having really cool conversations with him about analyzing what we just read.  AWESOME!

I started running again.  I started to ride my bicycle long distances again.  My body has been lovin the feeling and I am so grateful for my health and strength.  Brian keeps telling me that I need to tell myself everyday "I am an endurance athlete." 

Teaching the YW of how to feel the Spirit.  Just hanging out with the YW is a sweet gig for me!

Eating at Archibald's Restaurant with some very lovely ladies.  Eating one of the best French Dip Sandwiches I have EVER eaten in my life!  Wow!  It was so good!  Laughing and loving and strengthening relationships.  I am coming to the conclusion that my life has really taken a new turn in the importance of the relationships that I have. 

And last but not least........................................


Which means:
Come listen to living prophets
1. General Conference - I have my note taking binder ready to roll.

2.  EASTER-  AHHHHHHH!!  It's better than Christmas!!

3.  BYU Women's Conference!!

4.  Flowers, buds and warm temperatures.


Heather said...

You went to the dinner?! I even more sad that I couldn't go.

I think it is wonderful that non-members were baptized because of the whole basketball experience! That is awesome!

I too am excited about conference and Easter! I know that you are way stoked about Easter because I know how much you love it!

Ann Marie said...

All happy things indeed!

I want to read that book! I love books that make you want to share them with everyone..

I still NEED to do BYU women's conference. I wonder if tickets are still available?

Thank you for coming Friday!
Love you much!

Renee Hill said...

Another book you might enjoy by James Farrell if you haven't already read it is "The Peacegiver" This truly gives a wonderful insight on the Atonement!!

Love you! Renee

Kristen said...

Oh man - I need more BR ice cream. So does the baby. When are we going? :)


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