Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crazy YW Week!

I get asked all the time if my life has calmed down since Trek, and my first reaction is always a little chuckle.  Then the well do you know me?
This last week, we had 2 very big events with the Stake.
The first was our Stake Back to School BBQ. 
This is a tradition with our Stake that we gather all the wards and have a big BBQ that usually ends with some sort of water fight.
This year, we had smoked pulled pork and smoked chicken, corn on the cob, fruit kabobs, salads and creamies.
We made a slip-n-slide with plastic and baby shampoo and had volleyball, ultimate Frisbee and a spiritual message from one of our Bishops.
We plan on 275 showing up as our max and we were well over 300 if not close to 350 this year.
It was a huge success and we were so excited that everyone came and had a great time.
The second big event of the week was our YCL Retreat.
For the longest time, I have been wanting to do something special for the Laurel age young women.  In the time I have served in young womens, I have watched many young women turn 16-17 and then become inactive. 
So, we planned an activity that would be for the Laurel age YW.  To come and have fun, be taught doctrine, feel the spirit, build unity within our stake and I get a overnight dosage of young women laughs, giggles and happiness.
The talk that I gave at the end was about celebrating the young women values by incorporating them into their character.  It will help them when their trials come and it will make them stand out in this world.  At the end of my talk, we had a Young Women Value Color Celebration.
My hope was to get all the YW value colors and toss them in the air and then immerse ourselves in the colors symbolizing that we rejoice and desire to be those values.
Here are a couple of picks from that event:

I came home with blue hair, blue ears, blue underwear and blue boogers!!
I was completely covered in the colors and I loved every moment of it.  Next time, we need MORE chalk!
I cannot express enough how incredible the young women of the Stake really are.  They are different and they are full of goodness.
It was such an honor to be able to be with them and hang with them. 
Until next year ladies!

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