Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Week in Review

I already posted about New Years in the previous post, but I have set a goal to try and blog at least on Sunday the happenings of the previous week.

This week has been very busy for me.  We have a big dinner that we are hosting for the Stake next Saturday and I have been working on the decorations.  Have I mentioned that I am not crafty, WHATSOEVER??

My sister in law Audrey, has been a doll and helped me create 38 tissue paper flowers.  I will post pictures from the dinner when it is all said and done. 

I have had lots of work in YW's as 2013 has begun and organizing and planning the big events ahead of me takes a lot of my time.  With that and the extra work I am doing at home, I feel like every second of the day is owned by my to-do list.

No big moments really happened this week other than I had a long over do dinner with a very special friend.  She taught me that the greatest gift that one can ever give or receive is love.  We went to the temple after dinner and I put many names on the temple list that night.  Love is the best and also coming down to the only answer in these days.

Shaeler went back to school and was up at 6:30 the first day and then had a harder time getting up as early the other days.  We have been working on her Faith in God and I am having so much fun doing it with her.  One of her experiences is to plan a parent-child activity.  She wants to do a picnic in our living room.  I'll give the details when it happens.

Brian is back into full swing with work.  All the jobs he stressed having to deal with in December that didn't happen are now coming full swing in the month of January.  Even though he is getting very busy and working in the cold, his stress is better than the stress of no work at all. I am amazed at his growth in the gospel lately.  He is really stepping up to the responsibilities that have been given to him and it is so wonderful to be at his side.  Man, I love this guy.

We are plugging right along even though it is 8 degrees here!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  I'm baking a razzleberry pie right now to warm my soul.  Seems to help a bit.

Here is a pic of Shae with a very large icicle


Jenice said...

Where did she find one that big? And 8 degrees! I think it will be some time before we come to visit. Let's say August, when we are sure it will be warm. We do not even have the furnace turned on. I can imagine yoursbeing on constantly. Keep snuggling and keep warm AND healthy.

Ann Marie said...

That icicle is HUGE!!

Thank you for listening. You will probably never know in this life how much it meant.. but maybe in the next.

Good luck on your goal! ~ And those flowers for the dinner! I'm sure it will be beautiful!!


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