Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lists, Salads, Snow Days and Being a Grandma

Hello January!  You have been an insanely weird month of stretching my abilities and sanity.  Apparently, 2013 is a month of growth.  With it being a week of no nightly assignments, I thought it would be a breeze.  NOPE!  It wasn't!  I was working in my office every night until 8-9:00 pm.  So many things going on and half the time I am just shaking my head.

We have begun the process of building a home.  We drove around with a real estate agent at different properties on the west side of the valley.  AND we did it in a snow storm.  AWESOME!  We think we have a few spots that we really like and now we will do our due diligence about the property, the neighborhood and the city.  Loads of fun!  We also have made a list of all the sub-contractors that we would like to get bids from so when we have a planned picked out, we are ready to go. 

On another note, I have partnered up with a friend and we have started our own business.  It is in preparation for the future if certain events happen and also hopefully give us both a little more income on the side.  I am not going to go into the details yet, but I am really excited and scared at the same time.

Shaeler woke up throwing up on Thursday.  So she stayed home from school and then Friday because of the storm, her school sent out a text informing us that if we wanted to take it as a snow day, we could.  So, she stayed home with me with hopes and plans to have a fun Shae day, which actually turned out to be "mommy has a million last minute details to take care of day."  Don't feel too bad!  She got a movie in bed and Baskin Robbins the next day to make up for it.  Oh, and the puking was only a 4 hour bug.  Quite common with Shaeler.  Along with the 5:00 am wake up call for that puking bug.

Last night we held our Duty to God/YW Medallion Dinner.  We usually have about 180-200 people attend this dinner and it was A.LOT.OF.WORK!  I am so exhausted today, that I keep zoning out.  I feel like a walking zombie.  My presidency and I were in charge of the decorations and Audrey helped me make the flowers.  Here is what our tables looked like:

I know that there is lots of room for improvements or ideas, but this was a hard assignment for me, so be gentle in your judgements.  I am so grateful for everyone who helped and contributed for this dinner.  There is so much unknown work that goes into these kind of events and we are so grateful for all the helping hands to pull this dinner off.  I am so, so grateful that this dinner is done.

Oh, and Shaeler informed me today that I am a grandma to 115 grandchildren.  Apparently, she is the mother of 115 stuffies who are now sending in requests for birthday and Christmas gifts.  Nice one, Shae!  Good try!

On to the next week!


Ann Marie said...

So much going on indeed!

Grateful your dinner is finished! Looks like it turned out nice!

115 stuffies? Oy.
Your going to have a zoo soon.
Maybe you should set one up and charge the neighbors to come and see all of the animals. -- That might bring ya some extra income! ha!

Jenice said...

Love the flowers. I hope you can love and spoil your grandchildren as much as I want to do. The good news is that I can help increase the number of your grandchildren.


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