Monday, January 28, 2013

Look Ma! It's Sunday and I'm Posting!

**I started writing this Sunday afternoon, with the intent of finishing Sunday evening.  I came home from an event with the WORST migraine I have had in  over a decade.  Hence why it is being posted on Monday.**

So many wonderful and exciting things happening this week.

- The countdown board for our cruise has reached a number that gets us giddy and yell "Woohoo" when we walk by it.

- I went an entire week without eating sugar and white flour.  I thought I would turn into the Wicked Witch of the West, but actually found I was really quite pleasant and felt a lot better.

-  I had a Presidency meeting on Wednesday and we are making decisions and changes that feel really good.  It's about quality vs quantity and I am so very pleased with the discussions and decisions.  I know I haven't talked much about my presidency on this blog, but I am truly honored to work with the women that I do.  I think we all feel insufficient and unqualified of the tasks that have been asked of us.  I can tell you that there is no greater joy then to watch these women take a responsibility that they feel that they cannot do and accomplish it and see not only the growth, but also the confidence within themselves.  So very cool to be a part of.  One of these days, I will tell you a bit more about them.  Truly amazing women!

- We had our Oakcrest and Stake Camp Director meetings on Thursday night.  Jodi did not believe that many people would show and not only did they fill all the chairs, but we had some standing.  Best thing we did for that meeting was have young women bear testimony of Oakcrest.  So proud of Jodi for her hard work and Shauna being her wing man.  Jessica and I were in another room with all the ward camp directors/YW presidency member laying out the new vision of our Stake Camp we are holding this summer.  We are doing a complete 180 degree difference in years past and we are so excited of what this will bring.  Again, watching different members of the committee stand and teach was an amazing thing to watch.  Different testimonies and experiences that are further helping our the Lord's cause.  It was AWESOME!  Once the camp directors understood what we were doing and trying to accomplish, the excitement in the room began to pick up.  Jessica has been doing such a wonderful job in working with our committee and again, what a joy to see her confidence pick up in believing that she can do great things!

-  I made a vegetable broth Friday night that I could not believe tastes really good.  Reminds me of green bean juice.  Here are the vegetables I boiled:  onion, carrots, garlic, kale, parsnips, rutabaga, celery, seaweed, parsley, diakus(??), cilantro, shiataki mushrooms, winter squash, and others I am forgetting.  Shae and Brian said the house stunk like curry.  Boo!

- Saturday we went to Ellison's baptism.  We drove quite the distance in dense fog.  It was so worth it!  There were many baptisms that morning and one of the participating wards was a Polynesian Ward.  A group of women got up and sang a gorgeous song about walking in the footsteps of the Savior.  I LOVE that the Polynesian culture has music ingrained in their souls.  It reminded me of my dear friend, Salataima that I grew up with.  Salataima had a voice that would knock your socks off and she sang in  a group with some of my very best friends in High School.  Sometimes, I would sing with Salataima as I sat next to her in choir. I loved to harmonize with her and found great confidence with her strong voice sustaining my weaker one.  As I watched these beautiful women sing, I missed Salataima, but also felt it was a great honor and privilege to have been able to sing side by side with her.

I never regret going to a baptism.  There is such a sweet Spirit that comes with this ordinance, especially with the children.  We are so proud of Ellison and are so grateful that we were invited to attend.

- Saturday and Sunday we attended our Stake Conference.  The messages were very clear for our Stake:  Temple Work, Compassion, Missionary Work and Doctrines of Christ.  Many of my dear friends spoke and they did an amazing job.  I was lifted by their words of counsel and loved that I am motivated to do a little better.  2000 indexing names a month.  GAME ON!


Jenice said...

Thank you, but I do not want you to feel pressured to post just for me. But I do wait all week looking forward to reading your post. It helps me know about what you are doing. I love calling, but when I read your blog I get more detail. I remember your friend and her voice. We are counting down the days too for the cruise. The sky is blue here but the temperature has dropped quite low. I am surprised that I am looking forward to warmer weather. I think I am looking more forward to the company. Thanks again for posting so quickly for me. BTW, your broth sounds terrible. I bet your dad would love it. And congratulations for the no sugar and flour. They are the staples for my diet. What are you planning to eat on the cruise?

Ann Marie said...

Jealous of your soon to be cruise!

I am grateful so many happy things are going on in your life.

I am grateful you are in mine! ♥


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