Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week Highlights

Not much happening over here.  I will post the highlights of the week:

-  2 clean colons and Brian passed his colonoscopy with flying colors.  Shae took his colon pictures to school for show and tell.  She said her teacher was surprised and the kids giggled when they figured out what the colon does. To which Shaeler proudly exclaimed "you can laugh, but you have one too!"  She was so proud of her dad.

-  Brian has a reward system with one of his vendors.  He had a ton of points from last year, and so we began shopping with his reward points.  We got new pans, new ice cream maker, a locker bag for Brian to go to the gym and new sunglasses for Brian.  Lots of fun to shop for free.  Except, it took us so much longer because the "can't have" feeling was not on our brains.  Funny how that works.

-  I got Shaeler's report card last night.  All EP's (excellent progress) in all of her studies and two 98%'s and the rest were all 100%.  So proud of that kid.  We asked her what she wanted as a reward?  She exclaimed "Build-a-Bear".  Oh man!  The addiction continues on.

-  I have found a new love in shopping at a grocery store called Sprouts.  Everyone is so nice and the employees treat you like it is a neighborhood grocery store.  Everything is whole foods and holistic and I love it.  To which I bought my first "all natural" deodorant bar.  Can I say, I LOVE IT!  Yes, yes I can!

-  Brian's new website is up and going.  Feel free to check it out:

-  I started Yoga this past week and I LOVE IT!  The breathing alone is so good.  I'm as flexible as a metal pole.  Maybe one day I will make it as a yogi.  See Kristen, the Subaru is rubbing off on me!  HA!

That pretty much sums up the good stuff.  I know, we are boring.  But I truly love my life!


Jenice said...

YA! Good grades and clean pipes. Who could ask for more!

Kristen said...

Subaru, Yoga...don't be surprised if an Obama sticker suddenly appears on your bumper. :)

Ann Marie said...

I have heard great things about sprouts!

All of the highlights are happy things indeed!

Congrats on the new website!


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