Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Small Steps, Big Strides

I was invited to attend a Girls Night Out Party that was held in my neighborhood.  Two very valiant women throw little parties to help the women in our neighborhood get to know one another better.  This party was about a chocolate fountain.  We sat and talked while eating dinner and then covered so many treats with chocolate.  Of course, I am the weirdo that has to bring my own dinner and can't eat any of the treats, but that did not discourage me from going and mingling.

I swear, we have some of the coolest and neatest women in our neighborhood.  But for some darn reason, we hide from each other.  Every time I get to know someone new, I am always impressed with how amazing they are.  Why is it we can live so close to one another and yet too busy to get to know each other.  Everyone of us is different and unique in their own way.  Everyone brings something of great value to our sisterhood table. 

I am so grateful that I had this opportunity, although, I think I may never be invited again.  Oh well!  That doesn't mean I can't stop talking to people.

Chalk me up as one who does not like Valentines Day.  Worst holiday ever when you can't eat sweets, you can't spend money and it is not a speciality that comes with the spouse.  To all of you that had a wonderful Valentines Day, then good for you.  For those who feel like I do, then don't ruin it for others.  Let them have their day and join me in making the other 364 days a year sheer joy and love.

I have found out that I have a peanut sensitivity.  Ate some peanuts over the weekend and bam, I had a couple of rashes!  Say goodbye to Reeses Peanut Butter Cups for a long time.  BOOO!!  On the other hand, as I have been doing a ton of reading, researching, implementing and following some new health guidelines, I have lost quite a bit of weight in the last month.  Very exciting!  Scared to death that I may have a food allergy to gluten and dairy.  That would mean no more bread and ice cream for me! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Oh the humanity!  I wouldn't be me without the ice cream!  I would seriously have an identity crisis.  Stay tuned!  We just got a new ice cream maker yesterday.  That's ok, I know how to work the system.  There are ways.  I will share with you that I did figure out on Valentine's Day to have a treat that is insanely healthy and sooo good.

I melt 1/2 ounce of 100% Cocoa in a glass dish.
I add 1/4 of pomegranate seeds in the glass with chocolate and swirl around until they are completely covered with chocolate.  Then, I lay then out on a plate and place them in the refrigerator until they have hardened.  VOILA!! 

The sweetness of the pomegranates counter the bitter of the chocolate and as I have always claimed:  Chocolate is best when cold!  With the flavonal from the chocolate and the phytonutrients of the pomegranate, it is an awesome treat with a healthful punch. 

In other news, I also experienced my first Sauna last week!  HELLO!!  It was like a little room of heaven.  It took me about 10 minutes to even warm my bones up let alone start a sweat.  For someone who is cold all the time and that has an average body temp of 97.6 (yes, I know, I working on the Thyroid issues), a Sauna feels like paradise.  AND when I did break a sweat, I was dripping all over my body.  Very rare for someone like me!  Be gone Toxins!!  Woohoo!

One other thing that needs to be mentioned.  I started eating shrimp last week.  HOLD THE PHONES!  I know!  As one who does not love fish or shrimp or crab or lobster, my palate actually likes shrimp.  Brian says that I haven't reached the peak with shrimp until I have tried the cocktail sauce.  You know, grilled with extra virgin olive oil and some sea salt is totally working it for me.  It's quite shocking in my home right now!  OH! and I had a veggie roll which was the first suishi I can claim that I REALLY LOVED!  Seaweed?? That's right!

I know some of you are shaking your head right now thinking "Who Are You?"  To which I reply:

I am a woman who is ready for growth, excellent health and new adventures.....that hopefully includes ice cream along the way!


Jenice said...

Why do you think you will never be invited again to your neighborhood parties? Good luck with your diet changes, there is no way I could do what you are doing. If anyone can do this diet, (health change) it is you. Good luck and we cannot wait to see you.

Susie said...

Gluten free isn't as hard as it sounds! And if you do go dairy free, coconut ice cream is amazing. Good luck to you!

Ann Marie said...

I believe in this allergy thing!
Good for you for testing it all!

I think coconut icecream sounds pretty divine to me!

The shrimp love makes me happy!
Have the BESTEST weekend and next week!


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