Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life as we know it!

At the beginning of the week, Brian headed down to the cabin with his dad to install the new kitchen fawcett.  They headed out late and so they decided to spend the night.  So, Shae and I made it into a Girls Night Out with some shopping.   We headed to the mall and bought her great grades build a bear.  We then went and bought soap at Bed Bath and Beyond and then I bought some makeup at Nordstroms.  She is definitely my daughter as she has loves to shop just like me.  We came home and talked about media and entertainment for FHE.  We had a great night just us girls.

Tis the season for New Beginnings!  I have been doing lots of visits to see what all the creative and fun things the wards are up to.  Love to see the YW shine!  Not loving that I am missing over half of them when we go on vacation.  Boo!

Brian and I were invited to a scouting dinner with President McBeth and his wife Janet.  It was so much fun to be with them, the Stake YM president and his wife and Jessica, my 1st Counselor and her husband.  Even better, we ran into Chad and Ann at the dinner too!  AND Jeremy Sorenson who is a good friend also!  It was a big party and free food.  I couldn't eat most of it, but it was great to laugh with friends and get a lot of exposure to the scouting world.  President Dalhquist spoke and he is such a great man!

Saturday we had Sister Linda Burton, General Relief Society President speak to us at our Stake Women's Conference.  What an honor to have her there with us.  I loved every minute of the meeting.  Surrounded by some of my dearest friends and feeling the spirit is simply a celestial moment for me.  Later that night, we went to dinner with the Bowlers and talked for a long time about all natural alternatives, my favorite being a Wallepini.  Look it up, it's very cool!

Sunday was a marathon day for me.  Started with a ward conference and then right into many meetings.  I started at 12:30 and did not come home until 9:30.  I was hungry and exhausted.  I am still paying for Sunday.  I hope we did some good in the world that day!

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Wayne Abernathy said...

Lovely to see the sweet, simple, rich things of gospel living.


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