Tuesday, April 16, 2013

So much~

Life has been quite the adventure for us lately!   So many wonderful blessings and experiences.  I fear this post could turn into a novel.  So I will keep it brief and to the point that I can.  April is my absolute favorite time of the year and I am enjoying every day that I can.   The funniest part about 2013, is that it has been a year of new experiences and adventures.  I find myself saying all the time that this is a first for me and I have found so much joy in it all.   Here is my list of "firsts" so far:

Shrimp - love
Avocado's - Madly in love
Salmon - love
Brazil Nuts- love
Pumpkin Seeds -love
Green Powder - love
Sauna's -Madly in love
Yoga - love
Zumba - love
Tennis ball massages - love
Dressing your Truth - love
Child Whisperer - Madly love
Cooking with the radio blaring - Madly love
Shooting a gun - kind of like....
New skin care and lotions - Madly love
The Blood Sugar Solution - Madly love
Vegetable broth - kind of like...
A purposeful effort to only see the good in others - love
Bangs - like
Walking on a frozen lake - no likey
Working with a herbalist - Madly love
Ashawaganda - love
Instantly forgiving - love
Talking to my hero's - Madly love
Audible.com - Madly love

Rentmeister Construction has broken ground for the new spec home.  We were able to get the plans approved and we immediately started digging a hole.  Yesterday, the foundation walls were poured and we will move on to the waterproofing, the window wells and then back filling the dirt.  In about 2 weeks, they will start framing.  Very exciting!!

General Conference was a very spiritual weekend for me.  A couple of days before, my presidency and I drove down to the conference center and were taught at the feet of the General YW Presidency.  Literally.  We sat on the front row, directly in front of the podium.  If you go and watch the online training, you can see my head directly below Sister Dalton.  IT.WAS.AMAZING!!!  Afterwards, I explained to my friends that I needed a moment.  With all of my courage, I walked on stage and talked directly and individually to Sister Cook, Sister Dibb and Sister Dalton.  It was a sacred moment for me that I will never forget.  I expressed my sincerest gratitude and love to these women.  I am sure that I don't understand all that they have sacrificed and worked so hard to help me in what I am doing, and I felt a very strong impression to let these women know that they changed my life and I will always love and adore them.

We also took Shaeler to the Conference Center for the first time on the Saturday Afternoon session.  The greatest thing happened while we were there.  We ran into Audrey, Natalie, Lance and Miranda and so we sat together as a family at the Conference Center.  We were able to have dinner at the Blue Lemon (BEST SALMON OF MY LIFE) and then drive home in tears because mom and dad did not buy Shae something at the Disney store.  Oy vey!

We gave our Sunday tickets to friends who wanted to take their son for the first time and so together as a family, we vegged out in the Sun room and watched conference together.  You know what makes conference even better?  Popcorn! 

Stake Young Women Presidency was very busy this week as it was our Leadership training for our ward presidencies.  We made fresh chicken sandwich croissants with veggies and fruit as sides.  Shauna made Lemon cookies and Brother Burt was gracious to cut lemons and limes for me with a dull (my finger nail is sharper) knife.  We stayed together and everyone did their best to cut down their time so we were short and powerful.  I was so pleased with the evening and I think we expressed our hearts desires for the wards.  LOVE my YW color flags that we hang up!  I am so blessed to work with the women that I do.  They are my sisters in the gospel and it is so fun to work with them, laugh with them and grow with them. 

As we are planning Girls Camp, I am so excited for all the amazing ideas and events that are coming forward.  Wallsburg project was approved and we are making the camp ground a much better place and that is the coolest thing ever!

On Saturday, I was invited to attend an Endowment Session of a dear young women whom I love and adore.  This kid has been called to serve a mission in New Mexico.  I am so proud of her!  What an amazing moment to sit next to her and watch as she was making covenants with the Lord.  It was one of the crowning moments as a young woman leader.   Getting them to the temple is what Young Women's is all about.  I was blown away by the Spirit and the experience.  One I will never forget.

On the health front, we are all doing a lot better.  Shaeler has not thrown up in over a month (knock on wood) and she is being very good about trying new healthy foods.  She understands better the needs of proteins in her meals and asks for them to help balance out her plate.  Brian is also doing fantastic!  He eats healthy, workouts out a couple times a week and has lost 14 pounds.  He is looking so much healthier and he is feeling a ton better too.  Just got to get that guy to handle stress a little bit better.  I am plugging along with my health also.  It has been 3 months on Thursday that I stopped eating sugar, dairy and gluten.  CRAZY, huh?  So many aspects of my health has improved tremendously.  I feel so very blessed for my health and strength.  There are a few things that are still bothering me that I am starting to get help with.  I am so excited for the help and support.

Part of being healthy is doing something you love.  Well, I love clothes, makeup and hair and Jessica got me sucked into Living your Truth.  I can't stop reading about the 4 energy types and how they dress, do their hair etc.  It's addicting!  A ton of fun and some great conversations with so many women, I am stunned.  Who knew that we all love to know our type and then analyze each other.  Lots of fun!  Highly recommend reading the books!  Call me if you want to know my true type! Ha!


Jenice said...

I thought the sun room was called Grandma's room. Oh well, as long as the room is enjoyed who cares what anyone calls Grandma's room.

Ann Marie said...

I can't handle the Vague!

Just reading the list of loves and likes made me think that another Dinner is in store for us!

SO HAPPY you are HAPPY. :)


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