Monday, April 1, 2013

Sweet is the Feeling

We had an amazing weekend and Easter. 
As you already know, we celebrate Easter all week, starting with Palm Sunday and go throughout the entire week.  As Shaeler is getting older, I am able to do some activities that really get her thinking.  We still play and have fun, but Palm Sunday really got to her this year.
When the Savior entered Jerusalem, the people shouted "Hosanna" and laid palm branches in front of the Savior's path.  We went into a lot of detail about the how important spiritually and physically the Palm branches symbolism is in this story.   The people gave to the Savior something that was of great value to them on many levels. 
As a family, we talked about if the Savior was coming tomorrow to our home, what would we do and give to him to honor Him.  There was a moment that Shae got emotional as to the great sacrifice we would be willing to give if we really wanted to honor who He is and what He has done. 
I'm hoping it was a "wheat stroke" moment in our family painting.
We drove down to the cabin Wednesday afternoon.  As per my request, we stopped at the Young Living Family Farms to check out their oils and business.   It was a neat little stop and I was able to purchase hand sanitizer for me and Kristen that is toxic free and healthy for you!
The weather down at the cabin was beautiful!  I always dread Easter in March, especially when we are at the cabin because it means two things:  snow and cold.
This year, we were in the 60's everyday.  We played, hiked, swung and had a ton of fun.
Brian had me shoot the gun for the first time while we were down there.  It was hard emotionally and physically, especially when you do not know what to expect.  I loaded the gun, shot a bullet and then unloaded the gun and made sure that I went through all the proper safety steps to make sure that the gun was fully unloaded.  It is a pattern I want to become comfortable with.  SAFETY FIRST and ALWAYS!
Friday, we drove into Bryce Canyon and dropped Brian and his dad off on their bikes for a 42.5 mile bike ride back to the cabin.  The others drove up into Bryce to hike around and Joyce, Shaeler and I stayed behind, did a little shopping, ate some lunch and then found the boys and kept tabs on them to make sure they made it home safely.  
They had a great ride!

When it comes to the toys and eggs, we celebrate that part on Saturday.  Shaeler wanted Legos and Swedish fish.  That was all.  I threw in a couple extra things that I thought she might enjoy!  When the cousins gathered around to disperse the candy from the egg hunt equally, Shaeler turned down the opportunity and passed on having a bag full of candy.  Later when we got home, I asked her why she didn't want any of the candy.  She explained to me that being in the "No Cavity Club" meant more to her than eating candy at that time.  WOW!! Who is this kid??  8 going on 30??   That was a very mature decision to make and stick to.  SO PROUD OF MY GIRL!!

Shae brought home a book from her school about princesses and it had a few craft items that she wanted to make down at the cabin.  She made this princess door knob sign that hung on our bedroom door.

Shaeler dumped out her Easter basket!  Awesome!
A picture of our Love One Another board.  I love doing this every year as it sets a very loving and sweet spirit at the cabin.

Wall to wall beds upstairs!  Brian and I and Mark and Natalie got new beds this Easter.   Brand new queen size mattresses!! I was in heaven.  I put a down quilt and extra pillows on our bed.  Now our room downstairs looks like a hotel suite.  Just need to get a lamp!

Year after year, we head down to the cabin and I notice the smallest changes here and there.

I take this shot every year.  It will be interesting to do a comparison after a 20 year period.  Some things are the same and some things are different.
That is exactly how it is for our family Easter each year.   Some things we do the same (money egg, dutch oven potato's and ham, LOA poster) and some things need to change with the seasons.  I took a different perspective with my nieces and nephews for their spiritual lessons this year.  I focused on the family.  We did some really great activities that they participated in and I hope they got a lot out of it.  I cherish the moments of laughter, the moments of closeness and the moments that I can help bring the Spirit.  How grateful I am for the opportunity to teach during the Easter weekend. 
There is a change happening in me.  It is hard to describe, but it is something very good.  I am putting all my trust in the masters hands and I know that he can mold me into what he knows that I can be. Like the picture above, I am the same, but there are very subtle changes happening that I know are directly from my Father above.

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