Sunday, August 18, 2013

Changes Are Coming

First, I want to begin by thanking those of you who have expressed to me that you miss reading my blog posts.  Honestly, in my head, I always felt that I had 1 reader, me!  Thank you for encouraging me and reminding me of a love I have of documenting my life.  My flame for blogging is igniting and I am ready to start up again.
I am however, going to be making a lot of changes in the very near future. 
I am not happy with blogger AT ALL!
I don't like that I have to post my pics to an online photo program to post them on my blog.  It then makes me post them to a social media site that I do not want to be a part of so anyone can look at them.  Grrr!  Not that I have any pictures that I would be ashamed of, but for privacy and copyright protection, this is a terrible method.
Second, blogger puts limits on my bandwidth and data concerning pictures and size of pictures.  I can understand where they are coming from when it is a free product, but it limits me in what I want to do.  If I am going to pay, then I will pay for what I want, own it outright and not be forced into any other programs to make a post.
With that said, I have had a ton of people talk to me, contact me, email me, text me about some of the recipes they see me eating.  I would really love to share everything I know and make it easy for all parties to have access to this information.  This blog site is not the best format for this purpose.
So, in the next couple of weeks, I have started my own website that will help me accomplish all of the goals I have set out to do.  I am WAY excited!  There are so many wonderful changes happening that I am tickled pink about them all. 
Until I get all my ducks in a row, here are a few updates of some things that I have been up to this summer! 

1.  I have been cooking a lot more at home!  I have been exploring making my own healthy meals and snacks and have been having a ball (literally, see below) doing it.  Below our my Super Protein Seed Chocolate Balls.  You keep them frozen and it is a cold chocolate fix that is UNBELIEVABLE!  I have so many more wonderful recipes that I am so excited to share.  I just purchased 3 knives, onion goggles and herb shears to add to my culinary skills.  Just you wait, Henry Higgins!  I just may be able to make much more than toast in the next few months! ;)

2.  I am loving my own garden, local gardens and farms.  This bowl below was given to me by my neighbor who has a garden a little bit bigger than mine and she owns chickens.  I took her my protein balls and she offered me coconut milk avocado ice cream.  Which was UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS!  As I am leaving her house, she sends me home with a bowl of fresh eggs, peppers and plums.  In return, I offer her to have free will to my cilantro and anything else in my garden.  What I love about gardening and farming is that there is an abundance and it creates a desire in the community to share.   Last week, Utah Natural Meats had an abundance of produce left over and Shayn drove his draft horses with a wagon giving away fresh produce to our neighborhood.  We were not home so I missed out.  But as I spent time with Kristen this week, people were complimenting and thanking her like crazy on the fresh, delicious produce!   Plants can soften the hearts of the people!

3.  We had our annual backyard camp out.  Shaeler wanted her own tent and so she set up her lady bug tent next to Brian's tent.  We watched movies out on the tent and I lasted until oooohhhhhh 11:00 pm and then bailed to go inside and sleep on my own comfy bed.  Chloe was extremely upset that she could not join us in the festivities and whined at the back door for part of the evening.  Shae moved into my nice, soft, -35 degree bag that Brian bought for me at Girls Camp and I slept peacefully in my own bed with Chloe tucked at my side.

As soon as I have everything ready, I will post my new website name and you will be able to find me over in a happier place of the world wide web!

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