Monday, February 18, 2008

A Treasure for Me!

Saturday, Brian decided to clean out our closet and we had 2 huge piles of clothes to donate to the DI. When we dropped off the bags, Brian said it had been a long time since he had been inside the DI and so we decided to go in. It was packed with people. We walked around and I knew I wanted to head straight for the books. I know Ann has found many great books and treasures at the DI. We found the religious books and it was like a candy store for me. I picked up 10 books for $10.00. A lot of the books I had been looking at Deseret Book the night before and felt it was too expensive to buy at once.

Please note that I prefer to buy brand new books. When I attended a book club, I could never check the book out of the library because, I have no idea where that book had been. EEwww! I think of the Seinfeld episode where George takes the book in the bathroom. Anyway, so now you are wondering why I am so excited about buying DI books?

The books I picked up were published mainly in 1954 and probably sat on someone's shelf forever. It wasn't passed through many hands and when someone died or had no use for them anymore, they donated them to the DI. These books are not hard to find today, but I did not own any of them and now to have them for 75 cents a piece, that gets me excited. Brian shakes his head at me and made the comment that when we finish the basement downstairs, I am going to need lots of bookshelves because the 2 I already have are pretty much filled up.

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Annban10 said...

Yeah Suzanne! I am so proud & Gitty!!! DI?? I am amazed!

Yes, you do have to thumb through and look for books that are not " too used " but, you can find all sorts of gems more often than you think.... Just wash your hands after thimbing through, and you'll be good!!

Next time you come over, I want you to come and pick through some of the books that I sell. I felt quite guilty when I read your post that you had bought President Monsons book " Inspiring experiences that build faith" ~~because I have 3 off them sitting on my shelf to sell... So, you will have to come and pick a few up. ( And add even more to your library! )

My brother is having custom bookshelves made because he has so many, and wants them to look nice.

Having ALOT of books is a good thing. What a great thing to go and get a reference, or a good read. I could talk books for hours, and tell you some great LDS ones that are sought after. I am so proud of you and your find!!!


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