Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Family Vacation Begins!

This morning we began our family vacation. Brian and I have been reading a lot about Church History and we wanted to check out some of the Church's Historical sights. We got in so much today, I may have to break it out a little. We began our day early (5:30 AM) to wake up and get packed. We finally hit the road about 8:00 am. Our first stop was the One Man Band Diner.

For years every time we would drive through Nephi, Brian would always say that we should stop at the One Man Band. I always refused because I had no idea what the food was like, it wasn't a common place I had heard of, and who knew if it was a hole in the wall kind of place. Last year, one time when we went boating, we saw that they had a One Man Band Diner in Lehi. It was a chain? If there were multiple locations then that must mean that the food should be decent. So we gave it a try. Well come to find out, it is some of the BEST food I have had. It was home cooking that is DELICIOUS and you order it by a phone like Training Table. So now, if there is a One Man Band Diner in the option of restaurants, I always take it.

Next we drove to Cove Fort. Again, I have seen it many times being advertised by the Highway, but never stopped. It was built by Gordon B Hinckley's grandfather. When we pulled into the parking lot, we were greeted by a tour guide. His name was Elder Daiyley. He began the tour with us in the cabin that Ira Hinckley lived in when he was in Coalville. It was the home they accepted the call to move down to Southern Utah to build Cove Fort.

It was to be a location for Pioneers to be able to stop and rest during their relocation to Salt Lake. They built it as a Fort to be able to protect themselves from the Native Americans. The Fort is built out of Lava rock and Lime Stone. It had a total of 12 rooms located within the Fort.

The doors were built hallow so they coulf feel them with sand to protect themselves from bullets and flaming arrows. They were never attacked as a Fort, so they emptied out the sand to make the doors a little lighter.

Each room had great stories and for time and room space, I will tell you about my favorite ones. This room is the kitchen with the dining room tables. The Hinckleys were mainly in this room to feed anyone and everyone. It was one of the largest rooms to accomodate everyone. The testimonials had said that the food was delicious and the hospitality was wonderful. The boys bedroom was right off of the kitchen and it is no wonder because boys eat all of the time.

Also next to the kitchen was the washing room. They would get a material that was striped that they would place grass and hay in for their beds. Once that became worn, they would take that material and then make shirts or clothing out of it. Once that became worn, they would shred up the shirts into thin strips of material that they would make into rugs. Once the rugs were worn down, they would burn the rugs in the fire for warmth. THEN, they would collect the ashes from that and and make Soap. WOW!! They wasted absolutely nothing!

This is the Childrens room that I loved. Here is a crib for a baby that would rock. Once the child became a toddler, they would flip the crip around to a small bed. Absolutely genious!
The girls would practice their sewing skills in their room. They would make dresses for the dolls and sew quilts. If you notice the quilt on this bed, the red material runs out and they use a cream material to finish. The story goes that the mother told them it did not matter what the quilt looked like because it would always keep them warm and happy. Moral of the story, it is what is in the inside that counts, not the outside. These beds were also mad from Pine wood and then the mattresses consisted of a material stuffed with hay and straw (eeww, bugs!)and then placed on a rope that was woven between the head board and foot board. Everynight they would tigthen their ropes to make the bed nice and tight. Hence the phrase, "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the beg buds bight!"

AS we talked with Elder Daiyley, we found out that Brian served his mission with Elder Daiyley's son. He and Brian started throwing names out and they knew all the names they had discussed. We were able to meet Sister Daiyley and chat with her also. They are on the half way mark of their mission and will head home to Idaho in about 9 months.
We had a ball at Cove Fort and have been invited back August 1-2, for Cove Fort Days. I think we just might attend.

Whenever we pass through Beaver and have some spare time, we like to stop for ice cream at the Cheese Factory. I LOVE THEIR ICE CREAM!! Brian picks up some cheese and it makes the middle point of the drive something to look forward too!

The other half of the day we spent in St. George touring the historic sites. I need a little break before I get into those stories, so I guess for now.......

TO BE CONTINUED................


Annban10 said...

I've always wondered about the one man band diner. We'll have to try it out sometime!!

You so make us jealous! I want to do a road trip! Chad and I went to cove fort ( and almost evrywhere down south ) on our honeymoon. I havent been back for a while... We need to check it out again with the kids.

I'm not sure where you are by now, but if you pass through St. George sometime, My 3rd Great Grandfather is Jacob Hamblin, and his home is one of the sites to visit. Also, the DUP museum down there is loaded with way cool antiques, and some of Brigham Youngs furniture. We loved it down there, because there is so much to see!!

One of our favorites is Grafton. It's a ghost town, and way cool. It's right before you go into Zions Natl. Park, and you have to check it out sometime. The cemetery is awesome. The graves have cool poems on them, and many of them say " killed by indians ".. My ancestor " Marvelous Flood Tenney " was born there. I know... Bizarre name.

We need to do a road trip with your family... Maybe this year?? It would be fun!!

Have a nice trip! ~ Ann

Katie said...

Your trip sounds so fun. I too have passed by the cove fort sign several times and have never been there. We have been in 3 wards where they have called couple missionaries to serve there. That alone should be enough insentive to go, but no, I still haven't been.

I remember the One man band well. We stopped there after a day of boating with our families. It was really good food and we too were surprised.

We were going to go to St. George this weekend, but my grandparents decided to take my cousin to california so we plan on going down in 2 weeks. I love to go to the temple there. We've also been to lots of places around there that are really neat. I hope that I can remember where they are to take my kids.

Anyways, I hope that you have fun in Vegas. It sounds like your trip is off to a good start!


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