Monday, June 2, 2008

Elberta? Is that in Canada?

No, but it feels that far away!

Welcome to Elberta!

This last weekend, our family went to Elberta to volunteer for the State Time Trial for Utah Cycling. As volunteers, we needed to be at the race by 6:30 am and Elberta is about a 90 minute drive from us. So we decided to load up the Brandma and Papa's trailer and spend the night.

We had a blast! We stayed at a Stake Center Park which had a playground and a really nice pavillion. Shaeler was so excited that she had her bag packed 3 days before we left.

I love to go to these type of events. Cyclists are really classy athletes. First of all, everyone respects each other property and people lay their thousands of dollars bikes laying around, because no one ever steals other peoples things. They are always so friendly to each other and willing to help with advice. Just a really great group. Now when they are on the bikes, that's a whole other story. It is strictly business and it is every man for himself. Nothing cruel, cyclists have an etiquette code they follow, but the competition is very high.

My favorite part is the young riders. Children learning to race and cycle. Usually I see a dad following his 10 year old son/daughter on their bike encouraging them on. A 10K can seem like a long distance. I was a course marshall for the 10K turn around for the kids. I teared up with one father son duo, when the son made the tight corner and dad yells out "Go get em Johnny, you make me so proud."

I put together a small slide show so you can see our trip. We had a blast and we came home exhausted.


Jenice Henrie said...

Glad that you had such a great time. Shaeler loves seeing new things with people she loves. She was very proud to have her very own trophy.

Ann Marie said...

How fun! I Love old towns!!
Did you like the movie or not?


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