Monday, July 21, 2008

For the Love.... Tagged again!

I am breaking the rules on this one, I am not going to tag 5 people. If you want to play, please join in! I am accepting this as a challenge to see if I can think of different things you have never known about me!

1. Shae belting it out at church while singing sacrament songs.
2. Running and lifting weights again.
3. Naps!

1. Being followed by a man during my run tonight.
2. Grasshoppers! Nasty little insects! The eyes and legs bother me the most.
3. Losing Brian and Shae!

1. My blog and everyone else's blog!
2. Girl's Camp! It is going to rock this year!
3. Trek! Cannot stop thinking about it every day!

1. I HATE buying birthday cards for others and receiving them for myself. Seriously, if you are going to pay $5 for the thing, why not just give the person the money. I do LOVE thank you cards or any other card that I can buy in bulk or hand made. I have stacks all over the house.
2. I am the Treasurer for the West Jordan Lions Club. Seriously, could we add another responsibility to my list?
3. I handle ALL the finances for myself and Brian, my work/job, my boss's personal life (I even pay his tithing for him), and the Lion's Club. I cannot believe that so many people trust me with their money and that my name is on almost of of these accounts. I guess I am a very trustworthy person!:)

1 comment:

Katie said...

I thought this one was kinda fun. It was a little different. I had no idea that you were so trustworthy with everyone elses money (ok, that sounds bad, but it wasn't meant that way-I promise). You should feel really honored. I do our finances too, and sometimes I really wish that I didn't!


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