Friday, October 10, 2008

Shae Day: Halloween Decor!

Yesterday was SHAE DAY!!

I have decided that at least once a week would be Shae Day where we did WHATEVER she wanted to do! When I woke her this morning, celebrating Shae Day and asking her what she wanted to do, she proceeds to tell me that she wants to play at Brinley's house!

Yay! First Shae Day and I get ditched!

So I tell her that if that is what she wanted to do, I was perfectly happy putting up the Halloween decorations by myself while she was away playing. And then Shae Day quickly became the day that Shaeler wanted to put out Halloween Decorations! YAY!

The first thing I want to show you is our front door. I like my front door and I think that this if probably the closest I can get to being crafty with my decor. I wrap the garland with autumn leaves and berries and I really enjoy the look of the front door.

Next, I had leftover corn stalks from our garden and thought I would try something new this year. I wrapped a few stalks around our timbered entry with a yellow ribbon. I think it turned out pretty cute!

I hesitated on putting anything scary out with Shaeler, but she saw the skull head and immediately wanted to "put him together."
So I threw the bones out in the bushes in the front of my house. I think it turned out kind of cool looking.

This is the first Halloween decoraton I ever bought. It is quite comical to get the reactions I get from Brian when I spend money on decor. He freaks out!! So, I slowly and gradually have been buying things here and there for decorating the house for Halloween. We don't have much, but it's coming along.

Made this at Super Saturday last year. Totally forgot that I even made it. When I opened the box today, I was surprised and it was like having a new item of decor for the year. I like the Boo a lot.

I saw these cats a few years back and I loved them. Shae loves them too and thinks that they are much like our old cat Leo who use to hiss and growl at all guests. So she thinks these cats are not scary, they are just being like all cats, or at least cats like Leo.

(PS RIP Leo)

I have a couple of witch brooms that have floated around my house for years. This was the second Halloween decorating items that I bought. I always thought it would be cute to have a stack of brooms at the front door with a sign above them that said "Broom Parking." Still waiting to find the sign, so the brooms float around the house every year.

Shae loves window stickers. Thats how Grandma Rentmeister decorates for Halloween at her house and Shae insisted that we have window stickers too. This year, she put all the stickers up herself and I did not help one bit.

Our family favorite decoration is putting "Caution: Do Not Enter" Tape all over the doors of the house. I think it is funniest on the bathroom door as you see below, because the context of that room, this sign is "appropriate."

Last, but not least, is my Thanksgiving Turkey. I have set him out with the Halloween Decor because if I don't then I will forget and I think he is really cute and should get at least of couple of months of being displayed.
This is another Super Saturday creation and I think it is just darling!

I would love to have a ton of pumpkins around my house, but I am trying to think a way this year where I don't have to spend $5 a pumpkin. Well, maybe next year we will just have to plant a pumpkin patch!


Ann Marie said...

Cute!! IShae did a really good job on the window display. I left Christian alone to do it with my gel cling ons, and I walked in the room, and they were EVERYWHERE! Ceiling, plates, furniture.. So.. now I have to buy more, and Tenney does it next time...

I love the RIP leo. Funny..
Both Super Saturday projects look very cute.. I like that type of decor..
My favorite 2 things are the corn stalks, and front door.. That is mostly my styles... If this frost kills the flowers this weekend, then the decor on the porch will finally go up.... We'll see!

Cute post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natalie said...

Very cute, Suzanne! Glad Shae made it home. Yea for Shae Day!

JENNIFRO said...

Darling Suzanne. I'm so glad you took pictures--it's so fun to see! And will be really cool to look back on years later.

Kristen said...

You did a good job! You're giving me some inspiration. I need to get my pregnant behind in gear and get some things like this done.

And I hear you on the decor purchase/husband thing. Which is why we have, like, two Halloween decorations. I need to get crafty and make some more.

Jenice Henrie said...

Love the decorations. Good luck on the pumpkins. They should be on sale just before Halloween, so you can drop a few on the porch before the kids come knocking on your door.

Take plenty of pictures of Shaeler in her costume, please.

BTW, your dad says it is two cups of carol syrup in the receipe. I would follow his advice because his carmel is the best. He says it is two, two, one and one.

Mo said...

Very, very cute! I love the your entrance (I put out cornstalks too). The brooms are a darling touch....actully I like it all! I love little peeks into everyones homes and all the fun decor. Monica

Me said...

Very cute. I love your front door and would eventually like to do something like that. I am hoping that tomorrow is my day to get all the decorations out. Now you've given me inspiration to do AND take pictures along the way.


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