Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gratitude Week: Thank You!

I am grateful for thank you cards. I love to send and receive thank you cards. I normally have a stack of cards I buy from Target either in my purse or at home on my desk so I have quick easy access to a thank you card. I think saying thank you to someone with your own handwriting is "GLORIOUS!"

Today, I received a few thank you cards in the mail. As I gleefully skipped back from my mail box and ripped open the envelopes, I stamped my day as being "the best!" Many times, I cannot help but cry when I hear of gratitude being expressed. What many people do not know is the deep love and admiration I have for them once we have met. No seriously, something has changed within me and it is hard to control sometimes.

I read over some of the most beautiful words and was inspired to write my own. I think thank you cards are Celestial. Really, it is a small moment where we are humble and express our love to one another. I feel the heavens smile when we all write a thank you card.

Think about all of our gratitude posts. My favorite posts of my friends are their gratitude posts because we truly get to see their hearts. Those posts are like small glimpses into their souls. It is always beautiful, it is always lovely, it is always humbling.

So today, I plan on writing 5-10 thank you notes. Too Much? I dare say not! How cool would life be if we were more like the 1 leaper than like the other 9. Thank you's are wonderful and there can never be "too much" thank you in this world.


Ann Marie said...

I agree 100%!

A letter or card in the snail mail is so inspiring! Too many times this is overlooked now, and I belive Thank you cards and letters should be timeless!!

Me said...

Little cards or notes mean so much yet require so little. I really should do them more often, but I don't. I don't think that 5-10 is that many either. There are so many people that you can thank, and you never know-it could just be what someone needs!

Miss Megan said...

There is nothing better than getting a personalized card in the mail! Especially when it seems like it's nothing but junk mail and bills for weeks on end.

{Mo} said...

You are trully my kind of gal! I love thank you notes. I'm always thingking I should write so and so a note, but sadly I don't follow through as often as I should. I love it even more when Ihave a second to sit down and make a card perfect for the occasion.

JENNIFRO said...

I am a huge fan of writing and receiving notes. What a wonderful post and reminder to us all. The little things are usually the most touching. Thank you.

Mackenzie said...

Absolutely love thank you notes. Love making them, writing them, receiving them.

Yes...the toy sale is Ian's. He has accumulated quite a stash of samples throughout the year and he is selling them at the store's cost...most of them you are saving at least 50% from what you could buy it from the store. Pretty sweet way to save some moolah for Christmas gifts. Let me know if you want more info.


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