Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gratitude Week: Temples

I awoke this morning at 4:30 am with one goal in mind: Get To The Temple!

As Shae had preceded us to our Thanksgiving destination, we were free to do something I have always wanted to do in a long time. I have always wanted to do a session at the St. George Temple. Why do you ask? Well let me share some facts with you:

The St. George Utah Temple is the oldest operating temple of the Church.
The St. George Utah Temple was originally named the St. George Temple.
The St. George Utah Temple is the only temple completed during Brigham Young's 30-year tenure as president of the Church.
With a total of 18 sealing rooms (not all are in active use), the St. George Utah Temple has more sealing rooms than any other temple in the Church.
The swampy ground chosen for the St. George Utah Temple was packed with volcanic rock using a cannon—a relic of the Mexican War—as a pile driver, on display in the visitors' center.
The battlements that surround the St. George Utah Temple once functioned as chimneys for numerous narrow rooms that lodged traveling guests.
The St. George Utah Temple was originally patterned after the Kirtland and Nauvoo Temples with two large assembly halls featuring a set of pulpits at each end. The lower hall was partitioned with screens for presentation of the endowment.
The original tower of the St. George Utah Temple fell casualty to a lightning storm about a year after its dedication. A new tower was completed several years later, taller and more majestic than the first.
The St. George Utah Temple is the first temple where endowments for the dead were performed.
The Founding Fathers of the United States of America appeared twice to Wilford Woodruff in the St. George Utah Temple asking why their temple work had yet not been performed on their behalves. A striking painting depicting this singular event hangs in the temple lobby (That We May be Redeemed by Harold I. Hopkinson). (My favorite and the picture was AMAZING!)
In November 1928, fire broke out, destroying the St. George Utah Temple annex. All records and furnishings were saved. Today's annex, located on the north side of the temple, was constructed in the 1950s and serves as the entrance to the temple.
The St. George Utah Temple was extensively remodeled for over a year from 1937 to 1938. The lower hall was permanently divided into progressive-style muraled endowment rooms.
Following a second major renovation project, the St. George Utah Temple nearly doubled its 56,062 square feet. It was opened to the public for an open house and formally rededicated in 1975. The progressive-style ordinance rooms, used to present 3 live-acting endowment sessions a day, were replaced with three motion-picture ordinance rooms that presented 14 sessions a day.

I am thankful for temples. I know that when I go, I feel centered, balanced, focused and rejunvenated! I can honestly say that it is a place where I learn eternal priciples and I feel safe and loved. I love going to the temple and I feel extremely blessed that I can go often. I am thankful for our little pieces of heaven here on earth.


{Mo} said...

What a great post, I too am thankful for the Temple. I often feel guilty that I don't take the chance to take advantage of such a wonderful blessing in my life more often. St. George is one Temple I would love to visit someday.
I hope you have a great Thanksgiving~ Monica
PS~ I had to laugh at the first part of the comment you left me, I know we live aways from things, but I don't really feel like it is THAT far? I guess I'm just used to it, and to me the advantages outweigh the inconveniences.

Ann Marie said...

I'm grateful for temples also!
I love each one, and it would be so awesome to oneday do a session in every single one! I wonder if it has ever been done before??
You'd probably have to be wealthy.:)
The Salt Lake temple is and will probably always be my favorite. Having not seen Nauvoo yet, my 2nd favorite is the Manti. Have you been there?? It.Is. Awesome.
It has Ann written all over the decor... just like the Salt Lake.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Suzanne said...

Umm.... MOnica, You are that FAR away!! It is TOO FAR in my opinion! -Suzanne

Miss Megan said...

Thank you for sharing all of your research with us! I had no idea that it has more sealing rooms than any other temple?! I have never been to the St. George Utah temple, but I hope to make it there some day. Mike and I have been trying to keep a tally of all the temples we have been through. I have been through Las Vegas however, and I will concur it is quite possibly one of the most beautiful temples I have ever seen! I'm grateful for temples too!


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