Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Highlights!

We had a wonderful time down at the cabin. There is so much I could share, alas it would be a novel. Instead, I will give you LOTS of pictures of our highlights.

There was a LOT of wildlife down at the cabin. We saw deer, antelope, cow, turkey, golden eagle, bunnies and dogs. I loved to see the baby animals with their mamma's!

We may not have a lot of trees where we are at, however it is still beautiful country. They say that around this area is where Butch Cassidy grew up.

I love when we all work together for dinner. Here is Boone and the kids making homemade salsa! YUMMY!

We also were treated to authentic Navajo tacos. They were delicious and to die for!

One of the Easter lessons I taught had an activity of carrying a heavy piece of wood much like Simon did to bear the Savior's cross up to Golgotha. This was a moment that went very deep for me.

The other thing I love to do in one of our Easter lessons is have the children sample vinegar. This was a CLASSIC!!

We made Easter Cookies and the kids thought I was nuts when I told them to seal the oven to represent sealing the tomb. They were so hesitant at first. This is their finished product.

Down at the Rockin R Ranch for the Easter Egg Hunt, we have a special friend that we see every year. This year, D was intigued with Brian and giving him a back rub.

Shae was the first number drawn for one of the GINORMOUS easter basket giveaways. She was very excited!

The night I did the "Spirit World Treasure Hunt" it started to snow. Being high up in the mountains makes a beautiful back drop.

Iz helping Shae find the egg with the money in it! Which they did find together! Congrats girls!

M yelling at me because I hid decoy eggs to throw the children off from the money egg. Hehe!

Our traditional dying of eggs Saturday night!
Same place every year!

I had a wonderful time and it will be an Easter that I will never forget! Truly Inspiring!


Me said...

Glad you had a great time. The pictures were all really good. I love the cabin when we went down for New Years.

Sorry about Saturday-I guess I'm just not 'special' enough to have you join me! ;o)

Jenice Henrie said...

Loved the pictures and I am happy that Shaeler won her Easter basket.

{Mo} said...

I love all the baby animals... it's my favorite part of sprin!
I looks like you had a lot of fun. There is just something about cabins and good memories. My grandparents had a cabin that we spent a bunch of time at, but my grandma sold it about 6 years ago and I miss it SO much.
Yea, for another fun Easter full of memories!

Ann Marie said...

Love your pictures..
Love your creativity...
Love that you had a happy time!
YAY for family time, Easter and the Cabin!!

T. L. C. said...

Oh tacos???? Geepers I'm hungrey.

Okay...back from food though LOL

Your easter traditions--i can tell- mean so much to you and that place with family is what its all about. I love seeing blogs that display their family photos because it shows what its all about ...Family.

Glad that you had a great easter weekend!!!

JENNIFRO said...

Okay...so whose cabin is it. Sorry, I missed that. Were you with your family? I just want to know who all the people were....I'm nosy that way Suzanne!

You are so creative and great at object lessons. Seriously...you have a great way for helping people/kids remember the story and principle.

Fun times.

Suzanne said...


That is our family cabin that is owned by Brian's parents. That was all of our family on Brian's side of the family. Brian's sisters married different ethnicities so we have a mix of Mexican and a mix of Japanese. Those are pictures of my nieces and nephew in the children pictures. Brian also has an adopted sister that is Navajo. She brought her biological sister with her on the trip. Brian's dad is the one frying the bread with Donna and Brian's mom is the brown haired lady helping dye the Easter egss. Hope that clarifies things for you. Thanks for asking. We have a rich diversity of cultures in our family. Brian and I represent the straight white extremely religious side of the family! HAHA! -Suzanne

Cherie said...

How Fun!! Can I just say. Your Easter at the cabin looks like a blast. I love all of your traditions and the taco's made my mouth water!
Love all the pictures :D

Heather Perry said...

How fun to get out of the world for Easter. I love staying in cabins. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

I love the idea of carry a log to help you appreciate that the savior had to carry his own cross. Precious.

Great pictures. It looks beautiful there.

Oh, I also love Navajo Tacos. They are so delicious. That fry bread looks to dye for. I bet they were yummy. I want one.


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