Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some of my Fav's!

This week has been so wonderfully delicious that when it is over, I may ask for seconds.

Have I mentioned recently that Easter is my absolutely, postitively, favorite holiday of my life?


Well, it is!

I hesistate sometimes to post the things in my life, because I wonder if you think I am "weird" or trying to be "too spiritual"
In all honesty, really, these are the things that are on my heart, mind, soul, 24 hours a day. I have come to the conclusion that this is what I am, and I am finally accepting that if you think I am too spiritual, well then Oh well! I need to be who I really am.

At our home, we celebrate Easter all week long. We celebrate the last 8 days of the Saviors life, starting with Palm Sunday. Here is a peek into our Palm Sunday event.

Shae pretending to be the colt that Christ rode upon during his triumphant entry into Jeruselum. Brian portraying Christ.

A little heavy for her? Hey, it was a colt, which is a baby? Accurate portrayal? I think so!

Shae waving the Palm Branch we made as a family. When the Savior entered Jeruselum, the people waved Palm branches and shouted "Hosana, Hosana, Hosana to the son of David!"

Then they would lay the palm branches down in front of the pathway for the colt to walk upon to symbolize his royalty.

*****BEEP, BEEP, BEEP******

This post is interupted to bring to you some Monday awesomeness!

On Monday, I was given a hand sewn pillow as one of my prizes for participating in the Skinny Service. I had the wonderful woman sew on one of mine and Brian's favorite quotes on it!

It is glorious and I love it!

It is happily sitting on my front bench in the entry way!

Monday we talked about when the Savior cleansed the temple. This night had more of a spiritual feel because we compared our home and our bodies to the temple and would the Savior need to come and do some "house cleaning" there?

We set some goals as a family and Shae was a little inspired to clean up the mess she had made in the family room.

Tuesday we talked about how the Savior taught in Parables. We talked about the parable of the 10 virgins (one of my all time favorites!!!)

We then made our own lamps to help us remember the parable and remind us to be prepared like the 5 wise virgins. Playing with the playdo was helpful in helping Shae to remember and most importantly like the scripture parable.

Green Lamp = Brian, Pink/Yellow Lamp = Suzanne, Blue/Purple Lamp = Shae

We love to read at our house and the highlight besides the lamps last night was reading to Shae "You are Priceless" by Stephen Robinson
She had a hard time understanding what a parable was until I read her this book. It is beautifully illustrated and Shae can easily relate because she saves her money all the time for things she wants to buy.
Excellent book! I highly reccomend!

Well, the rest of our adventures will have to wait for later! Hope you all have a wondeful Easter and may you be safe, happy and enlightened!


Cherie said...

This is so inspiring. Your traditions are really neat and really meaningful.
I don't think I ever really knew exactly what to do to make Easter a little more special when my kids were little.
So neat! Thanks for sharing.

P.S. Your daughter is a doll!

Cherie said...

P.S. I forgot to say I love your new background and the saying on the pillow is SO GREAT! I am writing that one down :D

Ann Marie said...

Inspiring thoughts today!
It looks like your week has been great! Cute ideas!!

Love the quote and the pillow..

Hope you have a glorious rest of the Easter week!!

Jennifer A. said...

We just had our Easter family home evening- I think I'll have to have another activity this week to make it even more meaningful! We will also make those Easter cookies that you leave in the oven overnight and seal it(like the tomb) and on Easter morning you take the cookies out and they are hollow inside. (I'm sure you've heard of them) Thanks for sharing you ideas.

{Mo} said...

Great Ideas! Hope you have a safe trip and a fun time at the cabin! Wave as you go by....or better yet stop on in :)

Me said...

That was such a neat post. Thanks for sharing. I know you always enjoy the cabin, and I hope that you have a great time this weekend.

You had some great ideas too, thanks for sharing!

Small House said...

Can we ever be to spiritual? Nope. Such wonderful family traditions. Look how much your family will have learned of Christ in a week.

Have a great day.

Heather Perry said...

That is so wonderful that Easter is your favorite holiday. I don't think anyone could be too spiritual. We need to be.

I love the activities you have been doing with Shae all week. Too cute.

I so want that pillow. Maybe I will make a sign or something with that quote. I loved that quote.

Joyce Jones said...

I'm with you on all of it but the part where Brian is Jesus and Shaeler is the donkey. I'll have to think about for a while

JENNIFRO said...

This actually is pretty darn amazing. Don't you know this is the kind of stuff you post like two weeks BEFORE Easter so the slackers of the earth can have a little "heads up?!"

P.S. Is there such a thing as TOO spiritual??

Hmmmm.....WWJS (what would Jesus say?)


T. L. C. said...

Suzanne, I may not know you in the reals but through your blog, I love seeing who you are! And whatever you want to post/share about you, i'll take! i'm a snooper and I love getting to peep into your thoughts and know you.

Your tradition is wonderful and I hope you had a great day!!!

Miss Megan said...

Happy Easter! Man, I thought we got into Easter at my house (we watched He is Risen and Ben Hur). You had a lot of great ideas, and yes the parable of the 10 Virgins is one of my favorites too. I especially love the parables artwork by James Christensen. P.S. Sorry I've been gone so long! Thanks for all your thoughtful comments on my bloggy blogs.


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