Friday, June 4, 2010

A Happy Happy Birthday to You from Me!

(Janet and Me ~ 1980?)
Tomorrow is my sweet sister's birthday!
Happy Birthday Janet!

Part of my gift to her will be something that I am working on my personal progress, but will do for her.

In Individual Worth #7, it asks you to ask people in your life what gifts the Lord has blessed you with. I would like to do that for my sister today. These are the gifts that I know the Lord has blessed you with:

1. Patience - with everything you have been through in your life, you have endured them with grace and patience. (Including dogs destroying your home.)

2. Loyalty - You have a fierce loyalty to the ones you love.

3. Protective - You have a very innate ability to be protective over the friends, family and things you love. I pity the fool that crosses your path and is not invited.

4. Selfless - I have seen you give so fully with your heart. Flowers, wreaths, just becauses. That is a beautiful gift you have.

5. Loving - You are a person that is laid back and marches to your own beat. However, your presence is comforting and a feeling of love surrounds you. Your lovingness has a very calming effect.

Hey, if you know my sister, please leave a comment and let her know the gifts that you see in her!

Happy Birthday Janet! May you have a sweet day full of surprises!


J the Saint said...

Suzy, you are right, Janet is patient, loyal, selfless, protective, and loving.

She also has been blessed with beauty, every morning when I wake up and see her next to me, I am so grateful that I am married to such a beautiful woman.

Jenice Henrie said...

Wow. I thought that as your two paths went separate ways that you would know less about each other. I am so wrong. You know her so well. She is very protective of who she lets into her life, but when she does it is totally unconditional. She is shy about herself, but praises and loves those around her. She has been blessed with such a big heart and it is an honor to be surrounded by her love.

Janet is the person that everyone describes when they describe a best friend. When she touches your life you know that something wonderful has happened, but you can't put a name to it. Later when you look back, you realize that it was her.

I am the one that has been blessed to have the honor of being her mother and her friend.

She is amazing that she can related to so many different personalities. She gets Brian's sense of humor, she understands my quirks, she is one of the most loving mothers I have ever seen. She even adores two dogs beyond understanding.

Happy Birthday tomorrow Janet.

Janet and Suzie's Dad said...


You did a great job describling Janet. If I didn't know better, I would say you were describing me. It's nice to know that all my great qualities have been passed on to not only Janet, but both of my children.

I remember the moment 35 years ago (or was it 36) when I first held her in my arms. I realized that I had been blessed with the greatest gift that my Father-In-Heaven could give me.

I still see Janet as that precious child even though she has grown up into a beautiful woman, a loving wife, and a caring mother.

Bob (your dad)

The Dorsey's said...

This post made my birthday. Thank you everyone for your kind comments and especially Suzanne for making me a very proud big sister. I love you guys so much. <3

Ann Marie said...

Amen! Everything that you wrote.. I can see completely with her. ~ Even knowing her more so through blogging. I think she is gifted and talented in many ways.. and you both have some similarities as well..

Happy Birthday Janet!
Great tribute Suzanne!
Darling picture!

JENNIFRO said...

SIsters are the BEST! Very nice....I'm sure your sister feels the same way about you. What a kind tribute.

JENNIFRO said...

P.S. LOVE THE LACE TIGHTS! I remember those...


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