Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Like To Ride My Bicycle!

This is a picture of my bike! I love my bike!

My husband gave it to me for an early Christmas present a few years ago. Those were my triathlon days. Good times! This is the same bike that I rode for the MS 150. I was suppose to only ride 50 miles and ended up riding 65 (alright, I got lost! Are you happy now?). The last 5 miles of the ride, my left leg gave out and I pumped with one leg the last stretch. Good times.

I am sad to say that I had a 2 year hiatus from my bike. BOOO!


I am happy to report that I am back on the bike and loving every minute of it. I love riding just for the sheer enjoyment of riding. Plus I am exercising and I am having a ball. This is very cool.

My favorite ride right now is over to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. I ride my bike to the parking lot and then I rest for a few minutes. I love it! Yesterday I broke out into song "I am a Child of God." I was interupted by another bike rider who rode through the parking lot by me. My mind stopped, I finished the song and then I hopped on my bike to see if I could catch her.

I didn't. She dissapeared on me. HOT DOG!

So, I enjoyed the rest of my ride and chuckled as I thought about my thoughts as I ride my bike around the town. As a cyclist, when I am on my bike, all my senses have to be in full awareness. Even though I am a human body on a bike, according to the law, I am a vehicle. So I have to obey all rules of traffic and play with the cars. I have no protection or metal around me like my fellow playmates and so I have to be aware of everything around me by sight, sound, instinct or touch. I almost feel like a Super Hero with all of my keen awareness. Ha!

So here are a few of my random thoughts that many of us cyclists have on the road:

As a car is pulling out of a driveway or neighborhood - "Look at me!! Make eye contact with me so I know you will not hit me with your van!"

"I.................................................just........................................blah..............................ate..........................a BUG!!!"

"I've been working on the rail road, all the live long day" As I drive over the TRAX lines.

"When I reach the top of this hill, that nice grassy spot is where I will fall over and die."

"If I crashed right now, who would come and pick me up? Brian's at work.......................maybe Kristen? Oh boy, I just better not crash."


"I am coming over, please do not hit me."


"Gravel! Gravel! GRAVEL!! Phew, I made it!"

Singing at the top of my lungs "I Know that My Redeemer Lives!"

"What a beautiful day. I live in a beautiful place!"

I am so thankful for this little bike of mine. It brings me great joy and I will always love to ride my bike!


Queen "B" said...

I'm so glad to visit, loved your bike post, I have wanted a beach bike but I live on the highway that even though the 35mph is the speed limit, there are accidents every week, I still want a bike thanks for the encouragement.....

JENNIFRO said...

That was awesome! This is a post you'll love down the line I think. I love the little clip it paints of your thoughts and what you were doing at this period in your life. I love the ordinary becoming extraordinary--well done!

Kristen said...

Of course I would come pick up your mangled body. :)

I want to start riding. But I know nothing about it. We should talk. (I can ride with no hands...does that mean I have skills?)

marisa said...

Dude, sweet bike. I bet you can go off some rad jumps with that.

You did a tri? you wanna do one this summer with me?!?!? Pretty please?

Loved your thoughts while riding.


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