Monday, August 9, 2010

A Good Chuckle and It doesn't Work!

This video makes me bust out laughing everytime I see it! Perhaps because it hits so close to home.

It was my 8th grade year and we were at a dance that was held after the school day. Yes, I was a dork and part of the "Gifted and Talented" bunch or later known as the "Access Group," I believe. This was a program that we were all stuck together for 3 years for certain classes. Mainly, Science, English and History.

Anywho, we became a very close bunch. Good friends to be really honest. There was one kid named Tony Buck. He was a really nice kid, Super nice guy. I remember, oh so clearly, standing with my girlfriends of the "GT" Bunch and Tony Buck came up and asked me to dance. My reaction was the same as Ken's there up above. Tony's was much the same as Barbie's except he was a little mad and a little hurt.

Now, to clear one's conscience after 18 years of guilt, I would like to state my thought process for such a reaction. I liked Tony and he was a super nice guy, but I did not LIKE Tony. I had some how got the impression that he LIKED me, and I did not want to fuel the hopeless pursuit. Hence dancing with me in a slow dance seems to make all the young men fall for me at that time. NOT!

When he came up and asked me, I wanted to be nice but get the message "I think you're funny, but a friendship is all I can ever give to you" and instead I blurted, border line screamed out "NO!" Much like Ken up above.

The reaction on his face has seared my soul ever since. I never meant it to be cruel but he took it that way. From that day on, Tony did not talk to me much and I feel bad about that!

Not that I think that confessing my guilty conscience on the blog world is going to free myself, but I do have to say, I feel a bit better at this moment.

Sorry Tony Buck!


Cherie said...

That is a funny clip - Barbie and Ken in TS3 were hysterical - I love it!!
I was also once not as nice as I could have been to a boy and dang if it didn't come back to hit me in the face a few years later - so at least my guilt got erased but it didn't feel so good let me tell you!
Suzanne I hope life is going well. Your post seem upbeat and happy - Hope your summer has been GREAT!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I think we all have things we did in our past that continue to make us feel bad. I guess the good thing about that is it keeps us from doing them again. :-)

And hopefully those we may have been unkind to--especially unintentionally--have by now forgotten it. Of course they could also be remembering and now in therapy because of it. . . :-)


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