Friday, August 13, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things lately!

1. The smell of a clean house and freshly mopped floors!
2. Watching my daughter fold her own clothes! ;)
3. Dreaming of Little America French Toast with home made whip cream.
4. Dreaming also of Red Velvet Cheesecake!
5. Having a dear friend give me the sweetest and nicest compliments of my life!
6. Removing the rotting onions from my food storage.
7. Multiple visits to the library and giggling like a little kid with the stash we bring home.
8. Watching Shaeler take 3 deep breaths to hold her breath under water for swim lessons.
9. Going for a bike ride.
10. Grocery shopping with my family.
11. Brian
12. Brian
13. Football sized zuchinni's and not having a clue what to do with them.
14. Laughing with the new 8th Ward YW presidency.
15. Being grateful for abundant blessings.
16. Listening to the spirit in turning off a movie when the moral of the story is about lust.
17. Shopping!
18. Brian coming home from Camp Steiner smelling like a campfire.
19. A calm peaceful weekend with nothing to do!
20. Getting to sleep in tomorrow! Wohoo!


Joy For Your Journey said...

Those all sound like wonderful things. I really like the sleeping in one. I didn't get much sleep last night so any sleep sounds nice to me. About the zucchini--I always like to grate it and then use in making bread, cake or put in soups. You can freeze it and save for later and then use as needed.

Ann Marie said...

They all sound like great things..
I especially like that Brian was on it twice! :)

Mackenzie said...

Sounds like all is well in your world!! So glad to hear you are well and happy.

Julie Harward said...

I loved your list...especially #16! ;D


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