Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fabulous Weekend at the Cabin! (Part 4)

I have to tell this story because one day you may want to know why I HATE crickets so much!

One of the nights at the cabin, Brian and Shaeler went to bed early as Becky and I were watching the 1997 version of Jane Eyre. They did their typical "snuggle" as they fell asleep side by side. I came into the room about 10:30 pm which for our family is late. I got myself ready for bed, and asked Brian to help me move Shaeler on to her bed that was at the side of our bed.

Brian replied "just roll her over" sleepily, which made me laugh because there was a 12 inch drop to the floor if I had chosen to just "roll her over." So I picked her up and turned her over to carry her and her entire right side of her face is covered in blood. I look at the bed where her head was and there is a huge pool of blood on the bed sheets.

"Shaeler" I yell at to make sure I can wake her from sleeping and not that she was unconscience. "Brian! help me!" to which he sits up and notices Shae and then looks at the bed and sees the pool of blood he was sleeping next to for the last hour to half hour.

As she sleepily opens her eyes, I can see that the darkest collection of blood stained on her face was around her nose. Apparently she had a bloody nose that bled and bled while she slept. Reassuring myself that her brain did not bleed out, I set her back down and run to grab paper towels to clean her and the blood pool up. I wipe her down as she drowsily swipes at me to leave her alone. We soaked up as much of the blood that we could and did not have much for cleaning detergent because we were down at the cabin. Would comet do the trick?

After cleaning up the best we could, we were exhausted. We placed a towel over the remaining stain to be further examined and cleaned up in the morning. By this time, I was tired and ready for bed myself. It was still pretty hot down at the cabin, so we left the window open for that and also to air the room out from the blood smell.

At 3:34 am I was awoken in the most horrid way!


What the hey? What is that sound?

After enduring the sound for 2 minutes, and saying a short silent prayer that God would destroy whatever creature that was making such a loud sound with his finger, (much like the Brother of Jared scenario) I closed my eyes to hear a small crunching sound of the death of my new enemy. The sound stopped again and then:


For the love of all that was holy, this sound must die!!!

I hop out of bed and search for the sound and figured it was coming from the window. Clearly it was on the screen but on the outside so I closed the window hoping that whatever was making the sound that was sent from the devil would die!

Die! Die! Die!

The window was shut and for a good 5 minutes, it was peacefully quiet!

Victory, I assured myself and began to doze off again!



The sound was coming from the inside, but still on the outside of the screen. So I opened the window again hopefully that the fresh air would entice Satan's little helper to make an exit scene. Open the window, smacked the screen around a bit, then laid back down.


I layed there trying to convince myself that I could sleep through this. Mind over matter! No problem. So I endured for about 7 minutes of trying to doze off to the high pitch sound echoing in my room. The sound never ceased!

"GIVE ME YOUR HEAD LAMP!!" I yell to Brian!!

He hands me the head lamp and I flip it on to find a white cricket sitting on the inside of the open window.

"Brian!! Get up! He must die and I am not going outside by myself. GET UP!!"

"You are on your own on this, I am too tired!" was his reply.

He couldn't see me, but I gave him a nasty look as he refused to help me destroy the cricket. The creature was right there, I could see it at that moment, all that needed to happen was to go outside and smash and smear his body all over the window. And I would not clean it up because his guts would be my trophy of winning the war. The only problem was that I was petrified to go outside by myself.

A. It's dark!

B. Animals are out there.

C. I was alone!

As I was debating on how to handle the situation, I sat down and endured the high pitch "EEEE!" as I was figuring my plan of attack that didn't include me going outside. As I turned the head lamp back to the window to make sure he was still there, his body was no longer on the window!! AAAAHHHHH! Now I have no idea where he was at and a hidden cricket is so much harder to destroy. It was a smart strategy on his part.

As I shout out "He's gone and you wouldn't even help me!" I notice the white body crawling across the screen of my window. Which I quickly jumped up and hit the screen as hard as I could to watch his white body fling to what I hoped his death down below.

I quickly shut the window and laid back down preparing myself to hear the cry of defeat.

It never came!


I fell sweetly asleep at 4:14 am to no longer be haunted by evilness in the form of a cricket.

I told the Dority's my story of the night, and they laughed hysterically. I asked Brian how he could have slept through the whole war? In which he said he didn't. He was too entertained watching me handle the situation.

As we got home and started to unpack Brian yells to me from our bedroom: "Suzanne, you brought your friend home!"

I ran to the bedroom to find this:

I cannot properly identify the evil thing as the same one that night, but yes that is EXACTLY what he looked like.

I commanded Brian to destroy the creature. And to make sure it was a long and painful death.

Could you imagine my face if we had not found this winner and in the middle of the night of my first night home I would have been awoken to


All I can say is that it would not have been pretty, not pretty AT ALL!


Julie Harward said...

What a story! What a night...blood and guts! LOL And on top of it, no sleep! I thought crickets were black and hide in bushes and under rocks while the make a pleasant sound that lulls one to sleep?! Well, any way..your night, an early Halloween is all I can say! ;D

Ann Marie said...

I could "see" each of the events as if I were there... :)

Grateful Brian had to get it in the end for ya....

Shauna said...

I am new here! Just wanted to say hi :)
Shauna from

Joy For Your Journey said...

Hee hee hee hee. That is a funny story. And other than the part about the blood (which was NOT the funny part :-) we have lived many times through crickets at night. In Arizona Indian House Crickets are plentiful. Thank goodness for the pest control man!! We don't get them like we did before we started paying for regular spraying.


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