Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tech Savy or Tech Lazy?

Remember a long time ago, when we saw movies about the future?  You would see a person with a blank clipboard and their fingers pressing into a blank slate. I always wondered when technology would get that advanced. And then today, I'm in awe of all the different technical advancements that are at my fingertips.

For example, I am not typing this blog post. I am using a software called Dragon Naturally Speaking. It is a headset and microphone that I speak into and it types my blog post as I speak. Can I just say it's totally awesome! Between this headset and microphone and the Internet and my computer, I am accomplishing so much by very little effort.

So I pose this question to you as I've been pondering it for the past few days. Is the advancement of our technology for our betterment or is technology making us lazy?

I know for my husband, that as he uses the Dragon headset, he will be able to type endlessly without worry of spelling or grammar. That is very powerful for him. I am using the headset for my personal use of a Journal. Many times I cannot sit down to type things out because I don't have the time. But I can always say it out loud and if it's recorded, well that's fantastic!

I don't know. I just know that technology is amazing and we're becoming quite tech savvy over here.


Julie Harward said...

I hear you...as for me, the typing is a good drill, it sharpens my spelling. It would be so sad wouldn't it if people couldn't spell?! But I do love that just talking part! Pres, Eyring has said, that these children coming down are coming technology savvy because it is now, in their world, that the gospel will cover the earth. I believe that, he also said, that a little child can operate a computer long before they have learned to ride a tricycle. :D

Cherie said...

While I love alot of technology and it sure makes life easier I am afraid it is robbing us of other things. It takes up more time than we realize, it fills kids heads, it takes away old fashioned joys like handwritten letters, it brings many people heartache.

There are definately two sides to the coin and it must be used very wisely!

Jenice said...

I think I will always be a typist, but just think how much faster people like your dad (who types with two fingers) could write what he needs written. I think typing will go the way of shorthand. I still write things in my head and occasionally on paper using shorthand, but now it is as obsolete as the buggy and cart. I am glad for new technology, but I appreciate the skills that I learned in the past. I think that software like Dragon Naturally Speaking will help many people who are embarrassed with their typing skills. Yeah!

Ann Marie said...

Yay!! It works!!
Grateful you like it.

So.. what happens with words like names that have weird spellings.. and lingo like "Woot!" -- that are not real words? Curious.

Have fun playing with it.
PS: My Word Verification is Shae!

A rootdigger said...

Is it hard to set up, my son tried something awhile back, and he just couldn't get it to work well perhaps he had the cheaper version.

Miss Megan said...

It's all about BALANCE. I definitely think if you're not careful the technology can suck you in...but otherwise it's a great tool to use for good!


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