Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Review: 17 Miracles

I have seen the billboards all over Salt Lake advertising for this "17 Miracles" movie.  Didn't really think much of it until I was at a Relief Society Party and the movie was brought up in conversation.

Over and over again, I kept hearing that I would cry my eyes out and that it was an incredible movie.  So, last Tuesday I went with my friends Kristen and Renee.  Prepared myself with my own handkerchief so I wouldn't have to use the sleeve of my shirt.

As we gave the ticket lady our tickets to go in, she too said "Oh, I hope you have your tissues, this one's going to make you cry."  Which, thankfully again, I thought of my handkercheif and was so glad for my preparation.

The movie is filmed from Levi Savage's point of view during the Willey/Martin handcart journey.  We witness every hardship, suffering, starvation and enduring of the cold that the pioneers had to experience for that certain Trek.  I had read "The Price We Paid" and a few other books before I went on Trek a few years ago, so I was very familiar with the stories.  What I loved about this movie was that they also focused on the many miracles that each person witnessed and wrote about in their journals.

I love the character of Levi Savage.  His humility and his strength to help the pioneers through this hardship is inspiring.  My heart goes out to him for his humility in repenting for wanting the Saints to wait until Spring to head to Zion.

Of course, I was gleefully excited when the movie recognized my Pioneer heritage: the Loader family.  They focused on Tamar's point of view mainly, but also gave a great tribute to the relationshiop of James and Amy Loader.  I was so excited to see them portrayed in the movie also.

I did get my giggles and snickers as many of the same actors in previous LDS movies played parts in this film.  I kept leaning over to Kristen saying, "theres' Joseph Smith with a beard." or "there's Alvin" aka Elder Johnston from the Best Two Years.  All the actors did an amazing job, even though we love them for who they played previously.

Yes, I did cry.  But not the heaving, curling up in a ball in my seat, shaking kind of cry.  I mostly teared up when the Saints would pray to Heavenly Father for help.  For some reason that struck a chord in me.  Maybe because I have felt what it feels like to have to pray and have a feeling of complete surrending and asking God for help.  For a brief moment, I felt like we at least had that in common.

Overall, the movie is beautiful!  The story line, the scenery, the relationships that are portrayed.  It was such a joy to watch and when the movie had ended, no one left until the credits had ended.  Almost felt like we had witnessed something sacred.  What a lovely feeling!


Cherie said...

This sounds really neat. I hope it plays somewhere where I can see it!

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

It hasn't come here yet. Sounds great!

Joy For Your Journey said...

So glad to hear that. We are going Monday for FHE with some friends.

Anonymous said...

My parents just went and saw 17 miracles. My Dad had never told us that he was a descendant of James and Amy Loader. Do you know more about their story?

Suzanne said...


Yes, I know a ton about the Loader family. Easiest way to read about them is from books that have been written about the Martin/Willy handcard companies. I loved the book "The Price We Paid" which is what the 17 Miracles movie was based upon. The Loaders are known mainly by Tamar and Patience Loader's journal entries, so another really great resource is to google their names and see what books or other posts have been written about them. I hope this helps, I have learned so much from the Loader family. They were truly amazing people! -Suzanne

Robert said...

I am the Great Grand Son of James Loader and Amy Britnell Loader. One of their children, Robert Loader was my Grand Father, he was nine years old when he traveled, with the Martin Handcart Company.

The movie has not open here in San Diego yet but when it does open here I'll be there

Robert & Barbara Ferguson, Oceanside, CA

Robert said...

James Loader and Amy Britnell Loader were my Greatgrand parents and their son Robert Loader was my grand Father. I have tons of Loader family information that I will be happy to share.

Suzanne said...


YAY!! Robert Loader is the line that I come from. He is my Great, great grandfather. I come through Amy Loader his daughter and Afton Prince was my great grandmother that I knew as a child. I would love ANY information that you could share. Thanks so much for contacting me!



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