Friday, June 24, 2011

Short Term Goals: July with a BANG!

Sorry for the mild delay in my post this morning.  If you hadn't noticed, I have been on a blogging run lately.  I made the decision that when I started this blog and got heavily into it, that if I ever decided to quit, I would give it a good run before my finger would hit the dreaded delete key.

So, I started the 30 days of blogging run.  It has been going really quite well, other than sometimes the post I am asked to do, I do not have enought time to sit down and put out.  So, it gets rotated to the end of the list.  Today's post was not delayed for that reason.  Today's post has been snail slow because I am snail slow.  I went to Lagoon yesterday with Shae and this time I brought Dramamine with me to help me with the motion sickness  I have recently developed.  I split the pill in multiple pieces hoping to not have to much of the drowsy side effects.  Lately, because I have been years off of taking almost all or any kind of drug (other than the occasionaly Advil for a headache and of course my vitamins) I have noticed that my body will really soak in the effects of any drug.

Hence, when I got home from Lagoon last night, I prayed in great gratitude that I was able to keep my eyes open and stay awake.  I kid you not, I fell asleep as my head was heading down to hit the pillow.  Today, however, I am STILL feeling the side effects of the stupid drug.  Nothing is making me feel better, naps, sugar, more naps, even more sugar, I can't kick this feeling.  Stupid Dramamine!!

So, to cheer myself up, I am doing the short term goal list for the month of July.  Me, my dad and my sister are lists kind of people.  Great joy comes with the check off mark.  So here is my list for the month of July.  If you need anything from me, add it to the list. ;)

July Short Term Goals

1.  Finish Leader Tuck-ins for Girls Camp
2.  Figure out talk for Girls Camp
3.  Plan out fun adventures for Shae and I to do while Brian is away at High Adventure
4.  Lions Club duties (deposits)
5.  Plan Fourth of July Festivities
6.  Plan SYC Training
7.  Pack and get ready for Girls Camp
8.  Survive Girls Camp
9.  Birthday dinner for Christy
10.  Birthday celebration for Brian
11.  Birthday celebration for Shae
12.  Weed
13.  VT drop offs (busy month for all the ladies)
14.  Personal goals (workouts, scripture study, etc)
15.  Hair Appointments
16. Oakcrest visit
17.  Nap
18.  Nap
19. Nap, oh dang, it's that darn dramamine talking again.  See even typing is making me tired.  Peace out!

1 comment:

The Dorsey's said...

Ha Ha Ha! My packing list looks very similar; aka it ends with many naps.

Did the Dramamine work for you as far a motion sickness goes? I find myself getting motion sickness on the marry-go-round now a days.

I love the picture of Miss Shae, we miss her very much and can't wait to see her in July. *hugs to both of you*


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