Monday, June 27, 2011

Personal Evaluation on the Basics

So, my awesomely cool friend Kristen gave me this link to a woman's blog and said "You're gonna love her, her scripture journals are amazing!"

The kid was not kidding!! A woman named Shannon has a blog called and she is a seminary teacher in Bountiful Utah.  I could not stop reading all of her suggestions and ideas to teach not only myself, but the youth and most importantly my daughter.

She did a post about the Church Board of Education giving the CES teachers a list of basic doctrines that all youth should know and have a foundation of knowledge about in the gospel.  I cannot tell you how as I read this list, I was like, yeah this makes complete and total sense.  Her list goes as follows:

The Godhead – God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost

The Plan of Salvation – Premortal Life, Mortal Life, Life After Death

Creation and the Fall

Atonement of Jesus Christ

Marriage and Family

Dispensation, Apostasy, and the Restoration


Priesthood – Aaronic and Melchizedek

The First Principles and Ordinances – Faith, Repentance, Baptism

Ordinances and Covenants


THEN, this awesome lady is putting together study guides on each topic to evaluate yourself, your children and a study guide to do with your husband.  IT SO AWESOME I COULD SCREAM!!!
What I love most about her background is that she is very visual and that is somewhere that I lack.  Children love visual aids and so I pulled some pictures she had done about prayer and made my own picture about the Godhead for Shae and I think she finally gets that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are not the same person.  Hooray!  Why did I not think of a picture.  Because I am lame!!! Shae loves the pictures and I love the redheaded hostess!  I am a huge fan and thought that you too should know about her awesomeness!  Later on, I will share my own scripture journal experiences that she has taught me!
Here is her link if you would like to go and check her out!


JENNIFRO said...

This sounds AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing!

Didn't realize you started posting again--I'm LAME!

Clarke and Kamie said...

oh she has the BEST blog. I find recipes, holiday ideas, decorating tips, everything on that. I just started with the scripture journaling.


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