Monday, February 6, 2012

Adventures in Brigham City

Oh, the great adventures that await us!  We had a fantastic weekend together as a family and I wanted to share with you some of the highlights.  Forgive me for the blurry pictures.  We literally ran out the door to get away and I completely forgot my camera.  Oops!

Friday afternoon, Brian and I went to Shae's school to celebrate her unbirthday and embarrass, and highlight our AMAZING daughter.   We then checked her out of school early to bring her home to pack her bags on a overnight get away to Brigham City! Woohoo!

There are 2 things I have always wanted to visit in Brigham City.  First up:

Maddox Ranch House

Brian ordered the Prime Rib and I got a Sirloin steak.  We were both overwhelmed by the portions, but the taste of everything was delicious.  My favorite part were the rolls.  Oh, the homemade rolls with raspberry butter. 

The restaurant is GINORMOUS and it is an high end restaurant to go to.  So, I jumped on the opportunity to teach Shae how to be a lady at a fine dining restaurant.  She was taught about courses, butter knives and plates, why so many forks, keep your napkin in your lap, don't run around the table, say please and thank you, how to place your fork on the plate to let your waitress know you are done, etc.

After our dinner, we drove out to see the new Brigham City Temple which is still under construction.  IT.IS.GORGEOUS!

From the sides, it feels like the Salt Lake Temple.  We are so excited to go up to the open house when the temple is being dedicated.  So exciting!

Later that night, we tried to get some swim time in at the hotel, but it was very crowded with lots of kids and Brian became irritated.  So we went back up to our room to watch Bed Time Stories!

Saturday morning we got up early to go and visit the:

Golden Spike National Monument

As a child, the only thing I could remember about this place was GRASSHOPPERS EVERYWHERE!

I have a huge fear of the nasty insects and to return to a place where every step was walking on a grasshopper lined path just grosses me out!

We spent a couple of hours exploring the museum and the site helping Shae earn her Jr Ranger Badge.  It was so much fun to learn with her and the story of the Golden Spike is an incredible one to learn.  Lots of fun, lots of learning!

We drove out to see the Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake, but unfortunately it was under water.   So to make up for the 35 minute drive out to see it, we stopped and talked with the cows that lined the gravel road to get there.  Brian mooed at them and I tried to coax them to come to the car with my soft animal voice, which none of that worked.  Meh, cows are weird, anyway!

Alas, our trip had to stay short as we have church obligations this weekend for Stake Conference. 

We had an amazing Stake Conference that focused on the temple, missionary work and perfecting ourselves.  Our YW "High On A Mountain Top" choir sang the opening hymn and I cried like a baby.  They were SO good.

Later on Sunday, we headed to Brian's parents for Michelle's birthday party. 

I loved that they served veggies, fruit and whole wheat rolls for the night, it was awesome!
Above is a picture of Brian and Shae at his parents house that I took with Instagram.  Kind of a fun photo app to play with.

I end with a picture of the National Park Service Sign.  When you study what the National Parks stand for and that everything has a meaning to each item, it is touching.  We are so blessed to have so many National Parks here in the state of Utah. 

2 thougths come to me:

1.  Every family should have their own Sign that represents them.  (Janice Kapp Perry also encourages each family to have their own family song, too!)

2.  President Longhurst taught us yesterday that God's greatest classroom is out in the mountains.  Let's get out and explore and learn more.  We have so many beautiful places literally at our fingertips. 


Ann Marie said...

Yay! A blog post!!!

Chad would be soo jealous of the grub. Sooo jealous.

What a fun getaway! Grateful you had a fabulous weekend!

Heather said...

How fun to take a little getaway! I love little getaway!

The new temple up there sound beautiful! I will have to go up and see it!

Glad you got to spend time with family and celebrate a birthday!

We are lucky to have so many beautiful National Parks here! We have some amazing ones!


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