Friday, September 21, 2012

President C and the babysitter

Oh!  How I love Friday's!!
Once again, we are back to our Friday night classes with President C!
Absolutely adore this man and I love that we are back studying Isaiah!
I love Isaiah!
Such powerful lessons and applies so much to what is happening to us in the world today.
Isaiah is for me!
I love sitting with my friends who also adore to study the scriptures.  We whip out our wood boards and make an entire row of desks.
We also found a new babysitter that is unbelievable!
So far, she brings us fresh eggs from their chickens in their back yard and we come home to her baking peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  Hot out of the oven!
She always asks me if I want her to make a double batch?
No, I am good, but thanks for asking!
We chat about her life and I praise her and express my love to her!  
Fridays are just the best!  It is a night of treats all the way around.

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