Monday, September 17, 2012

Tender Mommy Moment

When Shaeler comes home from school, it can go one of 2 ways.  She will either come through the garage or she will go to the front door and ring the door bell multiple times OR hold the door bell button down for 10 seconds followed by multiple annoying knocks. 
My preference is the garage because if I am doing something then she just comes in at her own free will AND my nerves stay calm because the second option has become like fingernails on the chalk board for me.
Today, I got the hold the door bell button down for 10 seconds which makes a horrible screeching noise in the house followed by the "why haven't you opened the door yet?" knocks.  As I walked to the front door, I was preparing myself to give the speech yet again about going through the garage door when I found myself looking into the eyes of a red eyed 8 year old.
Something was wrong.
Of course I asked her, in which she replied with alligator tears rolling down her eyes that Lucas (a boy in her car pool) pulled her hair out of it's pony tail and was slapping her on the face.  I asked if he hit her hard?  She demonstrated a more playful annoying slap that he did.
Teasing and bickering are not Shae's forte, as she has no siblings that she normally fights with on a day to day basis.  This is behavior she is not use to and she struggles with it because we do not treat each other that way in our family.
I grabbed my baby's hand and asked her to come lay down on the bed with me.  She rested her head on my chest and I tickled her back and stroked her hair to calm her down.  I then explained that most likely Lucas was playing around and that his behavior is a way that boys act.  Most likely, he was not trying to be mean to her.  We talked about how she felt and that she should try to never make anyone else feel that way.
As my little girl is growing up, I cherish these small moments where I can hold her, comfort her and love her as if she was once again that tiny baby in my arms.  It was a mother moment that I never want to forget and if it means taking the annoying door bell moments to get some, then I will endure it!

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Jenice said...

Oh, give her a hug from us. It hurt as much as it did with you when the world showed its face of reality. Plz tell her we love her and she will only see spoiling grandparents with us.


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